Beau van Erven Dorens will take may be a program by Linda de Mol on

Beau van Erven Dorens love for all that he Knows is going to be presented. It is one of the programs that Linda de Mol, after her move to RTL, it had to be left behind.

In the program’s Café, Hendriks, & Genee received the Van Erven Dorens Sunday night, the question is whether or not it is true, that he is to the program will be presented.

Initially, said the presenter to be evasive on the question. “I’m going to get all of them for a second. The only thing I know is that I am working on a socially-oriented program. (…) I’ll go first with my board of management to consult, and I am sure that you (Wilfred Genee, eds.) go to to submit. You are saying I just don’t know.”

A few moments later, Van Erven Dorens, nevertheless, to show that he has been asked to present it. “It could have been. I can not tell a lie.” But it could have been.”

I don’t know, and Oh, what a year!!! was part of the legal process. The ldc, if its made by Talpa-produced programs will, ultimately, do not bring them in after she moved to RTL 4.

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