Beau van Erven Dorens try viewing figures on the left are

Beau van Erven Dorens would be less than the amount of viewers in his new talk show, Beau, ignore it, but nonetheless, each and every day, just how it’s done.

“I think it is all great fun, and there’s nothing I don’t like it. Every day I feel freer and better,” said the host in The Coen & Sander Show, to the question of what he like the most, and the least fun of the show.

“The only thing I don’t like it, every morning has to be that klotige viewing of other useful information. This is a fight, and that’s where you should really just stay away”, according to Van Erven Dorens, who, last week, on Monday started his new job. In the first episode, it was due to 650,000 people are looking at.

“We’re going to, over the next three months, we do the best and let’s keep those ratings on your left. However, it is impossible not to, and that you will wake up in the morning and you think, okay, what is it? The one is the mind, and the other is against it.”

On Monday, it was, according to the presenter, by 324.000 viewers a day, that is the delay, in part due to the football match, Estonia and the Netherlands. Still, Van Erven Dorens, as yet, been satisfied. “It’s improving all the time, and we’ll also have to rely on. So, that was a good fight.”

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