Beau van Erven Dorens ‘held after five days of everyone’ in Five Days Inside

After the success of the first series of Beau Five Days Inside could be a vervolgseizoen not failure. “I go on worlds, they come not normally receive,” says Beau van Erven Dorens in conversation with

Existed the previous season of Beau Five Days Inside still six episodes, this time there are eight. The presenter visits a prison, a nursing home for older artists and Villa Pardoes.

In Villa Pardoes can seriously ill children a week’s holiday to celebrate with their family. “It was the first episode that we’re shooting, and it was immediately and touch,” says Van Erven Dorens. “Very nice how people can work there. After five days, I loved everyone.”

Van Erven Dorens is present 24/7 in the institutions he visits, and that contributes to the strength of the programme, the presenter. “In the beginning is still a bit rusty, that people naturally get suddenly create with a camera around them. Gradually you learn to know the people, the band is stronger and you can feel that also.”

‘People scare of my bekakte voice’

In 2018, won the first season of the documentary series a Televizier-Ring. The presenter received many praise for his appearance in the program. “I’m not different than who I am,” says Van Erven Dorens on this. “The people that I speak to scare first the lazarus of my bekakte voice and neat hassle. But later they see that I just have a story come and they come and chat, cook and eat. Then you build automatically a connection with them.”

That he noticed in the recordings that were made in the prison. “On the first day I was yelled at and I got all kinds of curses at my head, thrown. But after four days I had good contact with many of those crooks.”

‘I was terrified’

The presenter explains that all recordings of him are stuck with, but one of those episodes in particular: the Rosa Spierhuis, a living and working community of older artists.

“It started off romantic, with a picture of older artists who are still writing, music. But the longer I was there, around them, the more I started to realize that eventually not more than a retirement home, where people also suffer from memory loss and other ailments that we all get to make. I was terrified of.”

Van Erven Dorens wants Videoland-special

Each episode of Beau Five Days Inside plays itself out within a period of five days. During the day to run a camera – and soundman, beyond Van Erven Dorens. He finds it sometimes difficult is that there are only forty minutes of those five days on television.

“We film so much, and all that material needs to the director and editor in 42 minutes to pour. That is very difficult.” The presenter praised the work of his colleagues. “I say sometimes: would you please make a special for Videoland, because there is so much more material to share.”

Van Erven Dorens has sometimes also have contact with persons who were seen in the first season. “It is not always possible of course, but I say: you can’t always reach. You become connected with many of those worlds, they come, it’s pretty intense what you experience together. That goes no more out.”

The new range of Beau Five Days Inside is from march 26 every week to see on RTL 4.

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