Beau van Erven Dorens ‘do not look at the tears in The Key of

Beau van Erven Dorens in the new program, The Key is once again homeless and the Dutch under his wing. “We’re not looking at the tears,” says the presenter, at

Van Erven Dorens, it helped in the previous programmes of The Amsterdam Project and The Rotterdam Project, for the homeless day today and a better future. So far, I have almost all of the participants from the two sets on the day, have a roof over their heads. – Only Marco was out of sight, is gone, ” says Van Erven Doren. It is not likely that The Key is the same success rate is achieved.

The participants of The Amsterdam and Rotterdam, the Project received a debit card with an amount of $ 10,000, which they are allowed to spend in order to have a better future. The Key is to get five members from five different towns and cities have no money, but long term housing is available. An idea that has its roots in the ‘Housing First’ principle, that is, in the United States, with a success rate of over 80 per cent can be detected. The Key participants in the Rigo and Sunil have such traumatic experiences in their life to handle, that is, the provision of living space, not even a fraction of their problems.

‘Sunil is going to simply be dead, if he had not helped’

“I have a little bit of the neck is taken off by two people to help out,” explains Van Erven Dorens date. “But these are also the people in the netherlands. The way in which Suni is living, it is pathetic, degrading. No one should ever have to sleep, they don’t. It is up to them as a result of all of the problems. I do not try to change it, but I’m trying to do with their concerns. If you have someone in the house turn off, you can give someone a better quality of life. Sunil wanders for years across the street, and that’s going to be just dead if he doesn’t get served.”

In the first episode, it is shown how Van Erven Dorens in direct contact with the participants. Their lives are described in detail in the picture. In the entrance hall of the Van Erven Dorens at first sight to be something of a good samaritan who can only function when there is a camera on him alone. Those who do not know better, you would think the programme makers, the participants have been selected on the basis of their hopelessness.

However, this description is somewhat at odds with the reality, the presenter is off. “We should not have a television. We are those people to help you. And, at the same time, we make television. We don’t do it the other way around, because that’s the biggest mistake you can make. If you really care about these people, make sure you get a very different tv. You do not have to wait for an emo moment. We are not looking for tears.”

Beau van Erven Dorens, it helps the homeless people in the netherlands. (Photo: RTL)

“I don’t want any cheesy fuss”

Van Erven Dorens know how thin the line is between a genuine ‘hulptelevisie and tranentrekkend claptrap. As a 21-year-old She’s the key of her own apartment, and she replies warily. The funny thing is, what she wants to hear the presenter. “This is a result of everything she has been through. The woman was at a young age, her parents have lost it and have never seen anything in her life, except for the opposition and in the face of adversity.”

The viewer can see how Van Erven Dorens is somewhat in doubt about the way in which he made the woman, feel free to ask. “I’m an old man, and she was a young woman. I try to give her as a sort of father figure to help them. I have a toy of it, but I always try to be the best, however, physical distance. I don’t want any cheesy stuff. I want to be her, as seriously as possible, at any time.

A participant Rigo proves itself to be sceptical about the result. For the boys, and the decision Of the Erven Dorens is a tendency of the joint to take in that he is a good turn out at the homeless man. But how far can you get as a result of the confidence and trust of the participants to win?

“I’m not a tv guy, who, with his combed hair instantly started as soon as the recording has been stopped”
Beau van Erven Dorens

“I don’t know, I’m doing well right now. There is only one way to find these people. that everyone is against them, and for you to win. And that it is normal to do so. I’ve had a lot to overcome it by being who I am, my style and my past. Therefore, I’m wearing no make-up. I’m usually a very, very strange, sitting for hours to chat with them.

It feels like a bit of a be familiar with to have something to say about it, but I think that the relief efforts will also be personalized to. If you do, people will want to help you, they are going to sit. Do not tell them what to do. Ask them what kind of help they will really be able to use it. We have seen in the last ten years, and a doubling of the number of homeless people. We should all recognize that this is no longer so now.”

The Key is to be on Tuesday every week at 20: 30 to be seen on RTL-4.

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