Be suspicious of huge Yahoo-hack pleads innocence

Be suspicious of huge Yahoo-hack pleads innocence

Photo: Bloomberg

A 22-year-old hacker who, according to the United States is responsible for a huge cyberinbraak at internet company Yahoo, says that he is not guilty.

That he did Wednesday in a U.s. court, where he faced 47 charges of hacking, identity theft, fraud and industrial espionage. That reports Reuters news agency.

The 22-year-old Karim Baratov, a Canadian citizen living in Kazakhstan was born, worked according to the united states in command of the Russian intelligence service FSB. Baratov was Tuesday by Canada extradited after his arrest in march.

In addition to Baratov is still a criminal hacker, Alexsey Belan, wanted by the FBI. He is a free man in Russia. In addition, the US has two FSB employees indicted that the clients of the duo would have been. One of them is still working for the FSB, while the other for unrelated reasons, is indicted for high treason in Russia.


According to the American prosecutors did Baratov Belan at Yahoo by targeted e-mails to send out to employees, reports The Register. Ultimately, they could be from October 2014, eighteen months in the systems of the internet company around. Therefore, credentials of at least 500 million users stolen.

Would the hackers the details of thousands of accounts have recognized. In the first instance, they focus mainly on Russian journalists and businessmen, but later they were also guilty of industrial espionage on western companies, said the prosecutors.

The main attractions would be the search results of Yahoo, moreover, have affected, allowing people who were looking for erectile dysfunction were redirected to a page where he is a commission received.


According to the public prosecutor hackte Baratov also Gmail accounts. The hacker would not be in the systems of Google itself are invaded, but individual accounts of Russian politicians and businessmen have taken.

The lawyers of Baratov say that he did not know for whom he worked or what exactly he did.

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