“Be more alert to consequences switch medicine’

“Be more alert to consequences switch medicine’

Bijwerkingencentrum Lareb calls for better monitoring of the consequences of switching to a different brand of medicine. Usually, the switch is fine, but sometimes there is side effects or reduced efficacy.

Over the past ten years, there were some 2,500 notifications of, but especially the last two years incurred. In total, there are approximately twenty changes of brand effects reported. Lareb stresses that doctors and patients such effects are mainly to report, because that is necessary is to find out what the problem is and what can be done.

Usually has “substitution” of a brand, because health insurance companies want it, but it may also be necessary because a particular brand is insufficient stock. Apothekersvereniging KNMP ontraadt replacement in certain groups of medicines, such as anti-epileptics. “However, this in practice for us,” says Lareb.

The College, for the Evaluation of Medicinal products says that it is very important that doctors and pharmacists “the patient in mind”. “Generic drugs are just as effective and safe as the original, but not every patient is the same.”

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