Be discharged from the Chicago Police Chief Eddie Johnson says is that he claims not to mislead the mayor, or the public

to connectVideoChicago FOP issues a motion of no confidence against the Superintendent of Johnson when he declares that he will skip the Trump meeting

Chicago FOP President, Kevin Graham, said that he was going to thank the President, the Trump, for his support of the enforcement of the law.

The Chicago police chief dismissed this week, in order to carry out a series of ethical lapses,” is now fighting back and claims that he is intentionally being deceived by the mayor of the city, and the public at an Oct. 17 incident in which he was found asleep in his car.

In his first public comments since his resignation on Monday, Mayor Lori Lightfoot, Eddie Johnson, said in a statement that he was “a bad decision, and I had a lapse of judgment,” that is, in October of that night, which was a mistake, and I know it.”

However, he added that he was “not interested in fighting for the reputation of the ones who want to question it right now.”

“The one thing that I would like everyone to know that I didn’t do it with the intent to mislead or deceive the Mayor or the people of Chicago,” read the statement from his lawyer, obtained by the Chicago Tribune.

The Chicago Police Superintendent, Eddie Johnson, has been dismissed by the mayor of the city.


Johnson’s comments come after the Tribune and the Chicago Sun-Times reported that he was seen having drinks with a woman who was not his wife in the hours leading up to the Nov. 17 in the incident.

The Chicago Sun-Times has reported that Johnson had to drink it for an hour with a female member of his security detail at a restaurant in downtown, and the Chicago Tribune claimed to be an inspector-general investigation, with video footage showing the former chief and a drink an hour with a woman at a Chicago Board of Trade building is a restaurant. Both papers cited unidentified sources, such as the making of the loans and advances.

The Chicago police sources also told Fox News at the end of October, Johnson’s time as superintendent, it was expected that all of a sudden to an end or in early retirement or on termination, to a large extent, the result of which will be referred to as a “drunk driving” incident.

Before he was laid off, Johnson is set to retire at the end of the month after three decades with the Chicago Police department.

In announcing its decision Monday, the Mayor of Lightfoot said the inspector general’s report, which has not been released to the public, revealed that he deceived her and others about the circumstances of that night, and it showed a “lack of decision-making.”

She would not detail, citing an ongoing investigation, adding that his decision not to tell you, out of respect for his family.

“When, at a certain point, the inspector-general for the report to be made public, and such information may be disclosed, and I don’t feel that it’s right or it’s fair for you to Mr. Johnson, who is the wife or the children, and to do so at this time,” Lightfoot said at a city Hall news conference.


The 59-year-old has publicly blamed a problem with his / her medication to the Mar. 17 the incident, saying, ” he felt himself getting light headed while driving back home, and pulled over and went to sleep. He also told Lightfoot that he had a couple of drinks with dinner earlier in the night. Johnson was admitted to the hospital during a three-year superintendent’s tenure to be a blood clot, and a kidney transplant.

A former Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck, who has been appointed as an interim replacement, he took Johnson to the position on Monday and spent the day meeting with officials of the department.

“It’s not at all what I had in mind with the transition, though, and I think this is very important, it is not to be afraid of the transition,” Beck said Tuesday in a news conference on the illegal gun operation. “You know, chief Inspector, van Johnson, and I will speak.” We have been talking about. He has the best interests of the city and the CPD at the heart of that, I do.”


He told me that he and Johnson are friends, but everyone needs to be accountable to.

“None of us is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes,” Beck said. “But we have to live with it. We will have to live with our mistakes.”

Fox News’ Matt Finn and the Associated Press contributed to this report

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