BBC: “Why Belgium is world champion”

The British public broadcaster the BBC took some trends, statistics and patterns of past world cups under the microscope and comes to the conclusion: the Red Devils be world champion.

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The BBC took all of the WK’s since the introduction of the format with 32 teams in 1998 under the microscope and discovered that some of the conditions, albeit with a grain of salt to take – that a world champion obviously should meet. On that basis, 31 of the 32 countries in Russia will be eliminated, only Belgium remains.


So were all the world champions since 1998 seed in the draw. The last non-seed that the world Cup in the air if cross, was Argentina in 1986 thanks to Diego Maradona and the “hand of God”, you know? If that tradition is respected, only France, Germany, Brazil, Portugal, Argentina, Belgium, Poland and Russia.

The Russians fall for the BBC also wondering, because since France in 1998, never a country hosting the world cup itself won. Side note: the USA in 1994, South Korea and Japan in 2002 and South Africa in 2010 were not really a candidate-winners. But also Italy in 1990, Germany in 2006 and Brazil in 2014 did not succeed in making the coveted cup in their own country.

Also a must: a strong defense. None of the last five world champions taking more than four goals in his seven games. Exit Poland, that in the qualifications required on average of 1.4 goals per match and cashed. Germany and Portugal took less than a 0.4 goals per match, Belgium and France did, with 0.6 as well.

All world champions in history come from South America or Europe. But Brazil is the only South American country that is a world cup on European soil managed to win, in 1958 in Sweden. The other nine were won by a European country. That connect Argentina and Brazil.

A strong defense is of course accompanied with a topdoelman. The BBC notes the fact that since 1982 only two times a world champion in the topschutter of the tournament in its ranks, whereas four of the last five winners of the ‘Best Goalkeeper’ does a world champion. Portugal out, remain: France (Hugo Lloris), Germany (Manuel Neuer) and Belgium (Thibaut Courtois).

Naturally, experience is of great importance, and there is France out of the boat. The French selection has an average of 24,56 caps, significantly less than Germany (43,26) and our country (45,13).

Eventually, Germany had since 1962 is no country more successful is his world title to renew.

What the BBC concluded: “Belgium wins the world Cup. Unless another country wins. Which is possible…’

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