Bayern-trainer Such as donating 5,000 euros after raising middle finger


Bayern-trainer Such as donating 5,000 euros after raising middle finger

Bayern Munich coach Carlo Such as going to five thousand euro to donate to a foundation of the German football association DFB as a result of the incident after the away game against Hertha BSC (1-1) last Saturday.

Such crossed after the final whistle his middle finger in to the hometown audience as he the catacombs in ran.

By the donation, Such as the German confederation decided to no boeite from the parts to the Italian trainer, says Bayern Munich on Tuesday on the website of the club.

The clubleiding of the ‘Rekordmeister’ is fully behind Such. “We think it’s a human response, which is emotionally understandable for someone who bespuugd.”

The Italian trainer go after the draw for Hertha against the German tv channel ARD that he is the gesture had been made. “That’s what I did after someone on me, spitting,” he said.

Such as sticking the middle finger to fans of Hertha BSC


In the final stage of the match between Hertha and Bayern Munich, Robert Lewandowski in the 96th minute of the second half, and after the whistle riots on the field arose.

The anger of Hertha also focused on referee Patrick Ittrich, who had indicated five minutes of stoppage time to draw, but that oprekte to six. He would just like Such as by supporters of the home team bespuugd.

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