Battle-royalegame Apex Legends start Tuesday with the first season

Respawn Entertainment makes Tuesday the first season are available for the popular battle-royalegame Apex Legends. There will also be a new playable character, Respawn on Twitter known.

The first season of Apex Legends is called Wild Frontier. Players can participate for free or a Battle Pass purchase. Such a pass costs 10 euros and allows people to temporarily available objects is free to play if they are new levels to reach. This applies to cosmetic items, such as costumes and skins for weapons.

With the Battle Pass to play people via a leveling. During the play they earn points and they go up levels. Still hear it rewards. The first season begins Tuesday at 18.00 hours Dutch time.

Battle Pass seems to be on the same system from the popular game Fortnite. Also in that game, players buy subscriptions to stuff free to play. Fortnite is now come in the eighth season.

People who don’t Battle Pass buy, can also items to unlock in Apex Legends. They will have many more and longer to play.

Respawn also makes a new character available. It comes to Octane, a character that health can be exchanged for speed. In addition, he has the opportunity to make his team a springboard to get them in the air to shoot.


Watch the trailer of Apex Legends

Apex Legends quickly attracted millions of players

In Apex Legends are sixty players in threes on an island dropped. The teams consist of different characters who all have different powers and abilities. Players collect weapons and armor, and then enemy teams off. The team that last man standing wins the round.

The game was in early February released. After a month had Apex Legends 50 million players.


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