‘Battery and data Android phones faster by rogue advertising’

In popular Android apps would without the knowledge of the developers, a rogue ad network to be deployed that secretly videos the scene, and as the data bundle size and battery life of phones allowed to drain, reports BuzzFeed News.

The network spread legitimate advertising banners, behind which imperceptibly for the user an ad was hidden, discovered fraudedetector Protected Media.

The ads were unnoticed played, and therefore also as viewed registered. So could the fraudster with the advertising banner earn much more than usual, since videoreclames often more revenue than banners.

Even though users of Android-apps the video have not seen or heard, was playing well back in the battery life and the data bundle. Developers got complaints from users that apps the guilt gifts. One developer says especially to have feared for the reputation of the app, users outside of his power to be a negative experience.

Tens of millions of euros earned with network

With the network each month tens of millions of euros are earned. The developers of apps in which the complaints secretly were playing, saw little of the back and were only paid for the reclamebonnen that users actually saw.

One of the companies that the rogue complaints offered, Aniview. That Israeli company says, however, to be a victim of unknown advertentiekapers. Aniview says that the hijacking of banners for the sneak play videos now is not possible.


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