Basketball players hope that miss EK is not for large recoil makes


Basketball players hope that miss EK is not for large recoil makes

Point guard Charlon Kloof and coach Toon van Helfteren hope that the lose of a EK-ticket Saturday night against Germany to ensure that the Dutch basketball team a major setback knows.

“This is really, really sour,” says Gap after the 82-51 defeat against the Germans in the Lead in conversation with “This is a setback, but we have a young team and so many years to go.”

“And when I look at where we started and where we as a team are finished, then have we really developed, are we really to grown together this summer.”

Van Helfteren, who Orange two years ago for the first time since 1989 for a EK led, also emphasizes that one bad result is not all the work of the last two months would have to sweep away.

“We have to defeat let settle, but we have had two fantastic months had”, referring to the coach on the four victories in a row in the kwalificatiereeks against Denmark (twice), Germany and Austria.

“We have worked hard, we have steps made, well played and good results have been achieved. We were there Saturday against Germany was not ready for, but we have to be careful that that doesn’t make sure that all the good work of this summer, the table is swept.”


This will include the finance just as the last few years play a major role. The team of Helfteren is already three years is not supported by the basketbalbond, making the players in their free summer for not much more than a mileage allowance to orange shirt to wear.

“It is heavy to it so long for so little to do” Gap. “Everyone sacrifices his summer, his rest, sure. So hopefully we get some more aid, so it’s easier to convince yourself that you can continue to do so.”

The reach of the european CHAMPIONSHIPS two years ago, however, led not to the hoped-for financial injection, or for much more attention for basketball in the Netherlands.

“Against Germany was for the first time is completely full and there was a lot of press, but in the past few months there was often not a lot of publicity for us and that is really frustrating,” says Van Helfteren.

World cup

By with miss the european CHAMPIONSHIP will take a year before the basketball players a competitive game, will play. In the autumn of 2017 begins the kwalificatiereeks for world cup 2019 in China.

“Hopefully we can for next summer, friendly matches against european CHAMPIONSHIP-participants arrange,” says Van Helfteren. “Because we now have to not throw in the towel sit down, but in the same way to continue.”

“If that means that I coach stay? That’s where we have have. Until now I have always made arrangements for the short-term, making long term planning difficult.”

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Basketball players hope that miss EK is not for large recoil makes

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