Bart Verhaeghe is not worried about EK 2020

The expectation is that after the world cup some of the Red Devils will drop out. Bart Verhaeghe has, however, confident that there at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS of 2020 in a competitive team. “I have every confidence that we are still strong enough”, told the vice-chairman of the football association on Wednesday in Dedovsk.

Vice-chairman of Belgian football Bart Verhaeghe during an interview in the Russian Dedovsk, 4 July 2018 © BELGA

International football is evolving quickly and so must be the belgian football association also steps. “About two years, we want to continue. Standstill is out of the question: there is a lot of competition and a lot of countries will then again want to be with, ” said belgian football association vice-chairman Bart Verhaeghe Wednesday during an informal press conference in Dedovsk.

“I’m not concerned for 2020. We go players grow and deliver, the most important thing is that the base is good. Integration is important, so we are stuck with a lot of players with dual nationality. Switzerland has, for example, that also, this is not going away in 2020. If you look at the match against England, when we have our B-team to see play football. There are already guys to gain experience and participate in that story. You need them to process.”

Minimum benchmark figure for the Red Devils have already been obtained

With a place in the quarter-finals against Brazil, the Red Devils for the tournament set for the share already achieved, says Verhaeghe. “I was pretty confident that we would get,” says Verhaeghe.

The professionalization in the framework around the national team is, according to Verhaeghe one of the reasons. A mandatory professionalization also, because to stand still is to regress in the football.

‘Two years ago, we are in a project stepped: the players had with the national team the same environment as in the clubs to work in. We have as a federation invested in the same environment. It comes to professional work, guidance in the field of nutrition, medical follow-up. Additionally, there should to the utmost be used. In sport it goes to the details, there lies the difference, and everyone is going to bring in that story.’

“The third pillar was the biggest step for me”, says Verhaeghe. ‘That is also the most difficult to in an organisation, that is that an organization is responsible. Nothing is easier to him to cross and are not responsible to take. Football is sick. It is not to one person, everyone in the story must take responsibility, and that I set for the team and the staff.’

“The match against Japan is an example of”, says Verhaeghe. “There is never panic. I am during the rest to the locker room gone, the plan was ready. After that 0-2, I knew that it would be well, if we could score. That we are still in the ninety minutes would finish it, I did not see it coming.’

‘Surprising and remarkable tournament’

Verhaeghe sees in Russia a “well-organized, but surprisingly and curiously tournament’.

‘Sweden, Russia and England are in the last eight, with their tabelhelft also Croatia. So there will be a finalist come out of that group, and that I had not expected. The other tabelhelft is very strong, with Uruguay, France, Brazil and Belgium. That is strange, it says a lot about this world cup.’

“It no longer makes sense today to have a discussion that we should second had been. The problem is not more, it has occurred. Now you need to move forward. You need to have those countries ever a time to tolerate. In addition, it had one-eighth final against Colombia may also be a lottery. You don’t have it.’

‘I assume here that no country has it easy. I see that Brazil has a lot of difficulties with Switzerland, that Germany and Spain are out. That we the against Japan also had a hard time. Everyone has a bad match and so we should be happy that we have reached the last eight, which is not evident. That is an accomplishment of which you are happy with. Should you be satisfied? That is something else. Perhaps it is the satisfaction the word. But we try to go further and do better.’

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