Barr Müller probe confirmed found no evidence that Russia-Trump-fixing, preparing for release-report

in the vicinityvideo wants to the publication of the redacted Müller report change anything?

Republican strategist Ned Ryun, what he expects from the Miller-report-release.

Attorney General William Barr on Thursday confirmed that the Special Counsel, Robert Mueller found no evidence of collusion between members of the Trump campaign, and the Russians during the 2016 presidential elections, as he stumbling with reporters at a press conference shortly before the release of Müller ‘ s report to Congress and the public.

The attorney General used the DOJ to defend appearance, his handling of the report, in the midst of criticism from Democrats in Congress. He rejected the proposal to protect the he tried, the President of Trump, and then beaten to death below, is a different question, whether it was strange that Müller himself was there.


“No, it’s not. It is a report that he has done for me—so of the attorney General,” Barr said, adding that he explains the choices he made, ” since these reports are not made public.”

Barr was with the Deputy General Prosecutor Rod Rosenstein, as he explained the results of Mueller’s investigation, and said that to blacken its procedures for the review and decision-making ” certain material in the report.

“After almost two years of investigation, thousands of subpoenas, and hundreds of warrants and witness interviews, the Special Council, confirmed that the Russian government-funded efforts to illegally interfere with the 2016 presidential elections but find that the Trump campaign, or the other Americans discussed in those schemes,” Barr said, adding that Americans “should be grateful” for the results.

He said that Müller ‘ s report is also to consider “whether certain acts of the President could amount to a disability of the Special Counsel investigation.”

Barr touched on some critical points, explaining that Trump will not invoke executive privilege, all the parts of the report, but also other categories of material will be made unrecognizable. He revealed that the White house counsel, as well as trump’s personal attorney, were able to review, a revised version of the report in advance.

He said he will release the redacted version to the Congress at 11 a.m. ET Thursday, describing the redactions as “limited.” It will then be published.

But as the DOJ tangles with Congress on redactions, Barr vowed to be a less redacted version available to the legislature.

Barr, meanwhile, sought to head off further controversy in his press conference on the issue of obstruction of justice. The Mueller-has not reached the probe, a conclusion on whether the President is obligated to report the crime, but Barr and Rosenstein determined that there was enough evidence of that.

“As I spoke in my March 24th letter, the Special Counsel, is a traditional prosecutorial decision-making in relation to this claim. Instead of the report of the ten episodes tells, in which the President and describes possible legal theories for the connection of these actions to the elements of an obstruction offense,” Barr explains. “After careful consideration of the facts and legal theories that are not stated in the report, and in consultation with the Office of Legal Counsel and other departments, attorneys, the Deputy Attorney General and I, and that the evidence developed by the Special Advisory is sufficient to establish that the President committed obstruction of justice is punishable by law.”

He also said that, while he and Rosenstein “did not agree with some of the Special Counsel legal theories and felt that some of the episodes examined, it does not have a disability as a matter of law, we are not alone in our decision.”

Barr said he would release the report to the President and high-ranking members of both the house and Senate judiciary committees late Thursday morning, and after its transmission to these congressional leaders, the release of the report to the public through the judicial Department website.

Barr explained that the redactions were “forced by the need to prevent harm to current Affairs and to comply with the court order prohibiting the public disclosure of information, influence on ongoing investigations and criminal proceedings.”

Democrats in Congress blasted Barr, before he took the podium, about the decision to hold the press conference before the report’s release, with some demanding that he cancel the Thursday of the event. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler, D-NY, called it “unnecessary and inappropriate” and “designed to shape the public perceptions of the report, before anyone can read it.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and the Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-NY, issued a joint statement before the press conference, slamming Barr’s credibility and appeal by Muller to testify in a public hearing before the Congress.


“Attorney General Barr’s letter, unfortunately, partisan handling of the Müller report, including its oblique March 24th summary of his irresponsible testimony before the Congress last week, and spinning his untenable plan, the report in a press conference later this morning—hours before he led the public or Congress to see it –to a crisis of confidence in its independence and impartiality,” she said.

“We believe that the only way to begin restoring public confidence in the handling of the Special Counsel’ s investigation, the Special Counsel Müller, the self as a public testimony in the house of representatives and the Senate as soon as possible.”

The statement was not the last character, that of the Müller-report release, Washington’s wars, to the Russia of the probe.

But on Thursday, Barr vowed to work with Congress to “accommodate the legitimate interests of supervision with respect to the Special Counsel investigation.”

“Given the limited nature of the redactions, I believe that the published report will allow you to comprehend every American, the results of the Special Counsel investigation,” Barr explains. “Nevertheless, in an effort to accommodate congressional requests, we will provide a cross-party group of conductors consisting of multiple congressional committees a report with all of the redactions removed, with the exception of the grand-jury information.”

Barr explains that the members of Congress, ” will be able to see the redacted materials for yourself – with the limited exception that can not be divided by law,” referencing the grand jury material included in the report.

Democrats hammering Barr and the trump administration have been about the handling of Müller ‘ s report since the special counsel shall submit it to the Ministry of justice last month. Barr, with the help of Rosenstein, published a four-page summary of the special counsel’s findings during his nearly two-year investigation.

Barr-summary said that Mueller and the special counsel’s team found no evidence of collusion between members of the Trump campaign, and the Russians during the 2016 presidential elections. The special counsel was also reviewing whether the President obstructed justice in any way, but not come to a conclusion on the matter, instead, of the decision to withdraw to the Ministry of justice.

According to a review by Barr and Rosenstein, the two found that the evidence was found in the investigation “is not sufficient to establish that the President committed obstruction of justice is punishable by law.”

But Democrats in Congress likely to have the recorded evidence with reference to the allegations of obstruction of justice, and may it studies in their magnificent Trump-related.

The President of the legal team, in the expectation of obstruction of justice claims, in the report it has prepared its own report against the allegations.

“They took all, it is a fact, no collusion, so that the refutation, on disability,” a source close to Trump said the legal team of Fox News. “You are just going to be counter-evidence to the alleged claims.”


Democrats also Barr blasted for its plan to redact parts of the report, including grand jury material, information that would show the intelligence community-view-intelligence sources and methods, material, which could disturb the ongoing charges and information that could implicate the privacy or reputational interests of the “peripheral players”

Barr said last week, though, is not that the President was one of the “peripheral players”, whose reputation necessary protection.

Nadler feinkost GmbH, D-NY, is ready for a legal battle with the administration, said recently that he is ready to “quickly” issue subpoenas for the full report, it should be strongly blackened.

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