Barbecue, as a status symbol: “Fire, fire, heat and smoke; that’s what I love of

With the latest nazomerweekend ahead of his time in the barn will be removed and the barbecue area. The instrument turns out to be a way to make an impression to family members and friends. This is what a third of the Dutch tuingrillers or her to schedule it as a status symbol, according to research by comparison site

You have a great, eye-catching barbecue, which catches the eye in a specially created place in the garden. Next to it, and hang out with beautiful, luxurious things, like a leather apron, and a stainless steel keukenhulpmiddelen. This aspect you see more and more often in the Dutch back yard.

It will be the whole of the year, with barbecues searched for

From the research conducted under the 1.042 Dutch are on the comparison site it appears that about 30 per cent of the Dutch population on the barbecue, as a status symbol to behold. Throughout the year and barbecues from the luxury segment to be searched. People are on the look out for barbeques, where it is good to be able to come. Especially of ceramic are popular as well.

“The fire, the fire, the smoke. I love that. I’m a guy, don’t you?”
Danny van der Wee (44), from Tilburg, the netherlands, barbecue, weekly

When it is grilled, and are often dictated by the weather. According to a survey by the Association of Keursslagers of 2017 is three-quarters of the Dutch population on the barbecue, if the weather is nice.

Danny van der Wee (44) from Tilburg university to work with the ministry of Finance and the barbecue, when it is dry, once a week. “I’m doing this for many years, but it will be bigger and better. The fire, the fire, the smoke. I love that. I’m a guy, isn’t he? And my kids eat it with pleasure.”

It all started in a camping area, a small bbq. After that, he was a member of the forum is about grilling, and more and more new things to try. Therefore, he wanted to be a bigger and better barbecue at which he and other meals could be prepared. $ 1,000 for a professional thought he was “crazy”. He purchased a 47-inch. “It can be a hobby that will continue.”

Danny hangs like fish in a barbecue grill. This can be done with a lot of the more expensive barbecue grills are not. (Photo by Danny van der Wee)

More than 1,400 euro to barbecuespullen

Someone who has a lot of money in barbecues, money, Daan van der Vaart (28), and from the Heart. He gave me a 1400 euro for two copies, but like many others; he has, for example, a grillspit, wrought iron items, and a leather apron.

Van der Vaart is there to be proud of, but it’s been barbecues, and not as a status symbol. “To me, they are for fun with friends and family. They are also very easy to use because you don’t have the whole day in front of the grill to wait for your meat to be ready.”

He explained two to three times a week and have something on the schedule, check the weather, or the weather. Thus, he is, according to the study by the Association of Keursslagers of up to 5 percent of the people who are the “real-BBQ-fans” can count on. They will not be stopped by a little rain and wind.

Daan has invested a lot in the hobby. (Photo: Daan van der Vaart

People with an expensive barbecue grill can be, sometimes there’s nothing to them

Even though 40 percent of women, according to the above study, the barbecuetang prefer to meet the man, that by Eefje van Iersel (39) in Den Bosch, the total is not to be the case. With its state of the barbecue, weekly, with her behind it.

In the day to day life, it is also a lot of eating involved. She also gives cooking demonstrations in the stores and often find an Indonesian foodstand and informative. At home, she prefers an electric grill and a small charcoal barbecue, and a slightly larger one. “I’m not totally materialistic and a good bbq for me is a little bit.”

“For some people, an expensive bbq we can’t be more than a sateetje on it.”
Eefje van Iersel, experience, license to grill

An expensive barbecue grill belongs, according to her, the people who are always there in order to want to have a nice car and an expensive watch on your wrist to have it. “This is what I sometimes have to laugh at that, because people with such an expensive barbecue grill can sometimes be nothing more than a sateetje on it.”

While you’re there, all three of barbecue lovers is so much more with it. Van der Wee puts his meat to the less than hours on the grill at a low temperature to make the yarn. He was used to the cold and the hot area of the barbecue, so the meat can be grilled on the hot, and the yarn in the cold zone. “If it burns, it does not, and it doesn’t change into a shoe sole.”

Also, Van der Vaart likes to make the meat like pulled pork, which is slow-must be the yarn. The best tip he can give is to take your time and have a very good cut of meat to buy. “You have so much more to the pleasure of the court.”

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Where the grill came from, it doesn’t matter

If you’re slow thread, you will find it, according to the Hague yet, but it is useful to invest in a barbecue grill with a lid on it, but if you’re out there – just as they are, at this stage, no budget for it, then it is also ok to see a cheap barbecue grill. “I have a lot of fun to cook, I am well-known for. If it’s an Action, a thing, or a Weber is, it doesn’t matter. You just need to be a bit more patient and be careful.”

The biggest of barbecue lovers to come, according to research from the Association of Keursslagers from the province of Limburg, Utrecht and Flevoland. In the province of South Holland, the provinces of Drenthe and Friesland, is still the least popular choice.

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