Band on the shirt, the Ohio, and gunner clears the murders are off

The Acacia Strain, the band whose lyrics are on the t-shirt of the Ohio shooter was with dismay at the reaction to the attack, which ended the weekend nine people were killed.

The suspect in the attack as a black pair of shorts and a black shirt, on which the following text was printed, you will have to behave-No heart to fear, no soul to steal”.

The phrase comes from the song, Ramirez, from the American metalcoreband The Acacia Strain.

So when the news came out, it was the band, a lot of people referred to as the driving force behind the violence. Following that, it was the American band was forced to publicly, any connection with the gunman, and the violence is down.

“What in the Dayton peace agreement has happened and is disgusted. That is, the gunner is a shirt of our band and wearing it makes me kotsmisselijk. There is no excuse for it. Anyone who knows us knows that we have this kind of behavior in the latter. No one has the right to be a people for his or her life from him”, wrote the singer, Vincent Bennett, on Twitter.

What happened in Dayton, it is horrifying. Even more so, to know that the shooter was wearing a BAG is quality, it is making me sick. There is no excuse for this. Anyone who knows anything knows that we don’t condone this behavior. No one has the right to take another’s life.

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“Music is a form of expression. Music is our purpose. Using the arts as a positive form of expression for the emotions. Do you feel angry? Turn on the tunes, and create something. This has to stop,” continues Bennett.

The band was an addition to the victims and their relatives to help them. In the meantime, a Gofundme campaign was started, to which the money is being raised for the medical bills of the victims, and to pay for it.

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