Bananenkunstwerk of $ 120,000 and eaten by the visitors

The banana with duct tape, was attached to a wall at an art fair in Miami, Saturday is consumed by a user. The artwork is a Comic by Maurizio Cattelan was on Thursday, yet was sold for $ 120,000 (approximately 108.000 euro).

The performance artist, David Datuna, and ran the contemporary art fair Art Basel, in Miami, on the wall, where the Comedian hung up, picked up the now brown foliage of the banana, and ate it. He was a wife beaten by a group of bewildered onlookers. ‘Renaissance Artist’, he called to his performance.

On his Instagram page he has a video with the following text: “I’m in love with the art of Maurizio Cattelan-and I love you very much with this setup. He is a very, very good.”

60Bezoeker to eat in Miami, bananenkunstwerk of $ 120,000 in

Datuna was the act by the security officers were taken to a separate room where he was with the police department said, reports entertainmentwebsite TMZ . Datuna has defended his actions by saying that he has great respect for Cattelan, and his performance is one of respect.

While Datuna is expected that he will soon have to answer for his action, said a spokesman of the Galerie Perrotin, which Cattelan and represents that it does not intend to take action. The art gallery, and the artist has no intent of Datuna.

The new owner has ownership of the idea of a work of art

On Thursday it sold Maurizio Cattelan and the other two with duct tape to a wall-mounted banana. The new owner of this piece of art, a French collector, it would be the “idea” of the work of art to own. The original banana has already been replaced by a fresher one.

It is not known what the effects of Datuna’s performance and the value of the work; and, for a few minutes after the event, the gallery is a new banana and duct tape it to the wall.

Cattelan has years of Comic work. An earlier version of the work, and he made it in bronze or resin. “One way or the other have missed that version thing,” he says. The artist says he was inspired in a large number of paintings that he will be the last time and met in the galleries. Furthermore, he did not want to comment on the significance of his work.

In the third example of the Comic has been on sale for more than $ 150,000 (approximately € 135,000).

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