Ballet dancer Carlos Acosta to relive the trauma through a film about his life

Even though many of us may have a dream to have your life turned into a film-to-be, was it, as a former ballet dancer, Carlos Acosta, the creation of the Yuli, and the movie is that the story of his life explains, as a “painful and traumatic”. He tells you to

The script by Yuli, which is named after the nickname Acosta, from his father, was based on the book, which the Locals themselves, about life, about them. Screenwriter Paul Laverty worked into a film, in which Acosta also played a role in his current position as a dansschooleigenaar.

“I have my own life to live again, while everyone around me played a role,” he said on the recording. “I’ve had my book just in order to be able to go on with my life, but in the movie, I was face to face with my past, and I went back to the sorrow of my dead sister and mother,” said Acosta.

The ballet dancer, who is one of the greatest of his generation, will be counted as part of growing up in a poor family on the outskirts of the Cuban capital city of Havana. His father was always at work, while his mother’s health problems had been.

“I am, every time, in tears, at the sight of the movie

In the movie, you have to see Acosta as a child, beaten by his father, who was not yet on the wish of his son.

Acosta was dreaming himself to be a football player, but it was against his will by his father to be a danskostschool be sent to the discipline, are taught to be. He has had no visits from his family, and I felt totally out of place. Acosta describes these years as the loneliest of his life.

It is to be used, especially with the sc ” ènes of this period, of which Acosta is deeply touching when he’s in the movie or tv show. “And the actor plays it so brilliantly. I’m all the way back to the times in my past that I fear, and in doing so, I have all the time in a flood of tears.”

“I had a hard time with the film, to give

Even though Acosta Yuli, if true, defines, admits that he has had a difficult time with the film, in a way. “When I’m Yuli, for the first time, I just kept to myself and thinking: this is what my mother and as we talked to each other. I had to keep remembering that it’s not a documentary, and after a while it was a lot easier, as an artistic product.”

One of the most memorable scenes of the movie play Acosta in the role of his father, and his son, beaten after missing out on dance lessons, performed in a choreography. He was praised by director Icíar Bollaín, for the excellent guidance on the kind of cast it during these intense scenes. “They have protected us throughout the process and made sure that there was a laugh on the set.”

‘Yuli, it is also the story of a person from a disadvantaged position

And, although the now 46-year-old Cuban, as a young boy, not a career as a professional dancer ambieerde, he seemed to be on the best talent available. He was taken to his own words, ” fell in love with the ballet of the Ballet Nacional de Cuba, where he was later part of the could see the action. He graduated in 1991 and went on to work at the prestigious English National Ballet. A few years later, he was given a permanent place at the Royal Ballet.

Acosta hopes that the general public is something positive to take from his own personal story in the film. “Yuli, it is also the story of a person who is in a disadvantaged area, it is growing up, and still reach the summit. Even though I would never want my children or anyone else who has the same difficult times and to experience it with me where I am today.”

“And if I poverty had not gone through, I might not have so many sacrifices to be done in order to be successful. You can have talent, but you have to work hard and suffer in order to get to where you want it to be. Eventually, you’ll be rewarded.”

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