Balende Van Veenendaal: ‘I timede wrong with Belgian goal’

Balende Van Veenendaal: ‘I timede wrong with Belgian goal’

Sari van Veenendaal was after the 2-1 victory Monday in the final group competition of the european CHAMPIONSHIPS against Belgium are not completely satisfied. The keepster of the Oranjevrouwen went wrong in the second half the Belgians.

“I timede wrong, therefore I was wrong”, look Of Veenendaal for the camera of NUsport back on the moment in the 59th minute in the Koning Willem II Stadium in Tilburg, the netherlands.

The 27-year-old keepster, Arsenal allowed themselves to be surprised by a haphazard attempt of the Belgian Tessa Wullaert from a meter or thirty. The ball flew high through the air and fell at the second pole.

“At the moment the ball touched, I felt all of that-ie in the direction of the goal went. But as I said, I timede not good. That may not as a keeper, and certainly not at such an important time. I know that. I also thought immediately: Potverdrie, this is not yet to happen again.”


Van Veenendaal: ‘We were under heavy pressure against Belgium’


Her mistake was to let extra happy that Lieke Martens Orange fifteen minutes later the victory gave. Through a Belgian leg flew to the commitment of the vleugelspeelster within.

“I am so happy that we still have won. The 2-1 fitted exactly in the contest. Not pretty, but it counts”, be aware Of Veenendaal. “We have tried to be a good game, but that didn’t work out.”

“It was fairly heavy, and hard. But well, if it is not with beautiful football to succeed, as against Norway, we must have character and that we have done. Vechtvoetbal has given us the victory.”

By the victory at Belgium, the Netherlands as group winners through to the quarter finals, in which the Saturday at 20.45 hours in Doetinchem, the number two from group B will find. Possible opponents are Germany, Sweden and Russia.

Oranjevrouwen to quarter-finals

The Oranjevrouwen after a 2-1 victory at Belgium in the quarter-finals of the european CHAMPIONSHIP.

It was for the duel, all are a crazy lot around the stadium.
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Both fan groups were comfortable with each other.

Anouk Dekker was already asked a head wound, but that could make her not hurt.

Sherida Pointed opened halfway through the first half the score.
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That led to great joy.

Belgium came after an hour at 1-1.

Martens determined the final standings at 2-1.

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Oranjevrouwen after victory in Belgium as group winners to the quarter finals european CHAMPIONSHIPS

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