Backstory: How do you make Aquaman sexy?

Aquaman is not the most sexy superhero from the DC Comics domain, but the film still needs to be a big blockbuster this winter. The 41-year-old Australian director James Wan with Jason Momoa as the sexy waterheld millions of bringing. “I wanted Jason Momoa is no blonde wig set in.”

“Before I get to this movie, I knew only superficially of Aquaman,” says Wan to “I was familiar with who he is, but I knew his storyline. I knew that he was the king of Atlantis was and that he was a sea king and that his forces with the ocean. It was only when I was going to do for the movie, I found out that he has a very interesting character.”

He is described in many different ways in the DC history, but in the latest film, he is the son of a lighthouse keeper and queen Atlanna of the gezonkenstad Atlantis. Due to its unusual origin may he more rapidly to swim, breathe under water and talk to sea creatures.

In earlier renditions of DC, he was sometimes portrayed as a what seem silly character. He was in the animated series Batman: The Brave And The Bold portrayed as a blonde cheerful note like singing outbursts.


Aquaman sings in Batman film The Brave And The Bold

Looks cool, helps

The film producers wanted a bold naval hero and chose Jason Momoa for the role of Aquaman in Batman vs. Superman. The large, muscular actor who became known through his role as Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones. No blonde troubadour, but a dark-haired, robust retractor muscle can with killer appearance and jewelry.

Asked about the biggest challenge in the filming of Aquaman calls Wan is also polishing of Aquamans image. “It was really a cool character, someone who is tough, but also funny and not afraid to be a little kitsch.”

According to Wan, the tough exterior of the principal has an important role to the bleary-eyed image of the nautical superhero to dust. “That idea is, I think, to the old jokes that used to be about Aquaman were made out of the window to be thrown.” The Australian director broke through with the horror film Saw, which is an excess of brought success and plenty of vervolgfilms got. Wan directed the first, and then became movies like The Conjuring and Insidious.


‘Aquaman’ Jason Momoa: ‘My wife would me so together can save

The bierdrinkende alfaman

The 39-year-old Momoa, the father of two children with Lisa Bonet, advertises itself like alfaman that’s a lot of beer drinking, houthakt and big and strong. See Momoa has, however, not so. “The women in my life are stronger than I am. I’ve just been lucky with some muscle,” he says in as speak to him in New York. As a child, he had not much with superheroes such as Superman or Batman. He interested himself more in the underdog.

“I love underdogs as Wolverine, or the Crow or Spawn. I fit more in with what you also see in Aquaman, someone with flaws, someone who in himself believes, etc. I’m not a good boy. I’m not the right person to hire as superman, I’m no leader.”

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