Backlash against cross-border policy, but fury will help Trump in-between elections, could grow

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Protesters marching to the edge of the migrants-system

Protesters say they are demonstrating for the rights of immigrants and against the separation of the family; Jeff, Paul reported by the bolt, Texas.

In the blink of an eye, the outrage over the immigration has become a Problem to an important midterm election.

And that is exactly the way President Trump wants.

With some prominent Republicans and conservative media slamming the President, the policy of the separation of immigrant families on the border, have you thought perhaps that the White house would be looking to quickly defuse the controversy.

This is not happening.

In fact, Politico reported that Stephen Miller and other top government planning representatives, a further crackdown on law and legal immigration, with the aim, according to one Republican close to the White house, “to arm Trump with enough data and statistics, measuring from the beginning of September, the voters, the promises he fulfilled his immigration — even without a border, wall or any other Congress.”

The GOP plan was to run on tax cuts and a booming economy. But the President has apparently decided that he needs to motivate his base voters to show up in what is shaping up as a difficult choice.

As Corey Lewandowski, who is Pence PAC, working for Mike in The New York Times said: “the people want to say thank you. If you want to get people motivated, you have to vote you for a reason. Say: ‘build the wall and stop the illegals to come in and kill American citizens is an important topic.”

And the President is not deterred yesterday, saying that the problem is immigrants, their children, and bring to the limit, but that Congress can fix the Problem.

Obviously, hammering away at illegal immigration—from the day he came to the bottom, the Trump Tower escalator also worked for the President in the last campaign.

But equally obviously, the child separation Problem makes the overall output is risky, this time, as the impact on the Hispanic vote. You can imagine, the 30-second Spots, complete with audio now that ProPublica has the sounds of weeping children from their parents.

This is likely to not play well with s mothers. And that is why some Republican lawmakers, including Ted Cruz, speaking against the practice. (Trump yesterday, Cruz refused to rent bill, the more immigration judges as a way to detained families together.) GOP Congressman Fred Upton, said that “there is an end”, the Washington Post is time for this ugly and inhumane practice.

The press is up in flames about this topic, the drawing is almost wall-to-wall coverage on cable news. White House reporters hammered Homeland Security chief Kirstjen Nielsen on Monday, as she insisted, administration had no choice in the matter and was merely following the law. (A group of Democrats insist that they resign.)

And many on the right offer harsh criticism. Conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt, a trump loyalists, said that the separation of the family, the Republicans “new Katrina could be””. A Wall Street Journal editorial decried “The GOP’s immigration meltdown” say “restriction is the Republicans will be able to cost their majorities in Congress.”

But the other, the conservatives, including Fox, Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson, behind the President’s “zero-tolerance” approach and said that the media devote enough attention to crime and other problems created, some of the illegal immigrants.

Trump says he hates immigrant children separated from parents, but has no choice. (The media is the fact that that’s not true, but it is also true that the conditions in the much-criticized bearing date the Obama administration.) The President’s wife says, the administration must govern with “heart.”

But while 66 per cent say in a Quinnipiac poll, they oppose the separation of the family-policy, 55 percent of Republicans Trump support attitude. Therefore, an approach that could be poison for a good piece of the political and media world, a refreshing tonic for the President, the Fans in the mid-term elections.

Howard Kurtz is a Fox News analyst and host of “MediaBuzz” (Sundays 11 p.m.). He is the author of “media madness: Donald Trump, the press, and The war for the truth.” You can follow him at @Howard Kurtz. Click here for more information on Howard Kurtz.

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