Background: Pokémon Go loyal fans on the first anniversary

Background: Pokémon Go loyal fans on the first anniversary

It is on Thursday, exactly one year ago that Pokémon Go appeared. How is it now with the hype?

Actually appeared Pokémon Go only on July 16 in the Netherlands, but on 6 July, the game was already covered by other New Zealand and Australia, to download. Many Dutch people knew the game, via a detour to download, which makes the hype ten days before the official appearance already started.

Because Pokémon Go in the real world is played, players flock to places where a lot of monsters captured could be. Groups of people gathered at Gyms and Pokéstops, locations where it can be fought or spelvoorwerpen are available.

The game provided immense crowds in, for example, Kijkduin, where players in large numbers went in search of new Pokémon. That even led to a lawsuit, which the city of The Hague, the playmaker wanted to force the area less appealing to the gamers.

In the meantime, the groups of Pokémon players are less evident in the Netherlands. However, there is still a large group of people that the game regularly continues to play. Figures from market researcher App Annie shows that the game in the first five months of the year only in the Netherlands al $ 300,000 (265.000 euro), managed to convert. In the same period was also one of the most installed Android-game in our country.

Pokémon Go players Kijkduin

Pokémon Go players gather en masse at the Desk because here a lot of Pokémon to be found.

A Pikachupaal with ‘Welcome to the Hague, Pokémon-capital of the Netherlands’.

The game made this summer for a hype.

The municipality of The Hague wants to be with a short case of inconvenience of the Pokémon Go players to tackle.

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Every day play

Skateboardinstructeur Quincy Renssen is one of the Dutch who still plays. He downloaded the game on July 10, and start the app still daily. He is now level 37, three levels away from the highest.

“I always play as if I need to go,” says Renssen. That can, according to him, fairly easy, because he never with the car. “In addition, I go to four or five times per week for an hour to the outside, especially to play.”

Graphic designer Milan Swagers began in september with the game and has since not stopped. He also has level 37 is reached. Swagers notice that he by Pokémon Go a lot more is going to move. “I sportte generally been active, but I’ve been through the game a lot more go for a walk. During a holiday, I also think faster: “let me take a little walk.'”

Not bored

The game bored the two players never actually. “Sometimes you wait for new updates, and you play anything less,” says Renssen. “But I have no day that I have not touched.”

According Swagers is that largely due to the outside world: “Because you’re outdoors, it’s kind of interesting.” In addition, you have according to him is always something to do, by, for example, a new Pokémon to catch or items to collect. Because the game is played, Renssen in the past year, also made lots of friends. “I definitely have a male or fifty via Pokémon Go meet.”


Pokémon Go receives major update


A recent update to the game changed completely how gyms work. Samples long at these virtual locations to collect still coins for their owners, but that will be only be allocated if the Pokémon is defeated. In addition, there is a limit on the number of coins that such a creature on a day to gather.

The changes are a major issue among avid players, including Renssen: “Previously, you could get fairly easily spelmunten collect, giving me a small four months sat. But that is not the case any more.”

“It’s nice that battles to gyms now are faster,” adds Swagers. “But it is now the intention that you can within eight hours by someone is defeated. If that doesn’t happen, then you will earn no coins.”

Next year

However, the new raids, where players against one monster in a fight, well are two. Swagers, who in the past year, few players have met, made this, for example, more frequent contact with other gamers. “In the last two weeks I have several raids, arrested with other people. Since last week I’m in a chat group to such groepsmomenten to coordinate.”

The two think that they are about a year probably still play. That is, according Swagers also not very difficult, because you don’t really need to play around a bit to keep up. “And if the creator updates continues to release, it is still interesting.”

Renssen: “I have been playing since my tenth Pokémon games and this is really an improvement of the original. The game is mostly very, very nice.”

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