‘Baby’s peanuts, and eggs feed, helps against allergies’

‘Baby’s peanuts, and eggs feed, helps against allergies’

There are indications that the feeding of peanuts and eggs to children at a young age the risk of food allergies decreases.

This is according to new research from The Journal of The American Medical Association. This is quite remarkable. In 2000, it was claimed that with the feeding of certain foods such as peanuts and eggs sure waits would have to be to a child one year old. This was particularly for children in whose family many allergies existed.

The researchers have a total of 146 studies used for their final analysis. They found a evidence that if a child between four and eleven months peanuts to eat, the risk of a peanut allergy is reduced. This also applies to eggs.

Celiac disease

When the fish would also have a decreased chance of allergies to occur, but this is less certain. Eating gluten at a young age was not linked with the development of celiac disease.

The scientists, the results of the research to explore.

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