AZ-Groningen still at 0-0, The County leads against Heracles

After the interlandperiode is the Premier league Saturday evening resumed with less than five matches: ADO Den Haag-Vitesse (3-3), Willem II-Fortuna Sittard (3-2), De Graafschap-Heracles Almelo (19: 45) AZ-FC Groningen and sc Heerenveen-Excelsior (both 20.45 hours). Follow the duels in our liveblog.

Graafschap-Heracles (1-1)
AZ-Groningen (0-0)
Heerenveen-Excelsior (0-0)

ADO-Vitesse 3-3
Willem II-Fortuna 3-2nd Graafschap-Heracles Almelo 路 3 minutes ago,66′ GOAL Heracles! 1-1

It is the same in Doetinchem. Brandley Kuwas takes a dropping ball on his shoe and kegelt 1-1 against the ropes.AZ-FC Groningen 路 4 minutes geleden22′ A great chance for AZ on the 1-0. Calvin Stengs is operated by Mats Seuntjens with a beautiful through ball, but the winger curls the ball in a promising position next to the target.Premier league 路 5 minutes geledenWe go by the particular statistics around the hat-tricks of Isak and Buitink.

馃帺 – Today is the first day in the Premier league that two teenagers a hattrick: Alexander Isak (19 years) and Thomas Buitink (18). #wilfor #adovit

AvatarAuteurGracenoteNetherlandsMoment of plaatsen21:04 – 30 march 2019De Graafschap-Heracles Almelo 路 8 minutes agoThe only goal of the three games that currently are, is made by Charlison Benschop. The County leads, therefore, after playing for an hour with 1-0 against Heracles Almelo and seems to be in this way safe from direct relegation.Premier league 路 11 minutes geledenEr has not scored in Alkmaar and Heerenveen after fifteen minutes of play. In both duels, there is even not on purpose geschoten.De Graafschap-Heracles Almelo 路 23 minutes geleden46′ Also Plays soccer we. The second company is on the way.Premier league 路 25 minutes geleden1′ The ball rolls at the duels of 20.45 hours:

  • AZ-Groningen 0-0
  • Heerenveen-Excelsior 0-0

Eredivisie 路 28 minutes geledenDe players come onto the field in Alkmaar and Heerenveen. In a few minutes stairs we two Eredivisie duels af.De Graafschap-Heracles Almelo 路 37 minutes geledenHet is peace in Doetinchem. The County leads halfway with 1-0 against Heracles Almelo.ADO Den Haag-Vitesse 路 43 minutes geledenBij Vitesse was Buitink for the big man, but Lex Immers played a strong duel for ADO:

3 – Lex Immers (2 goals, 1 assists) was involved in three Eredivisie goals in one game for the first time since October 2014 (for the Team). Inspired.

AvatarAuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen20:04 – 30 march 2019Willem II-Fortuna Sittard 路 one hour agoPast! Also in Tilburg, it is ready. Alexander Isak is the big man with a hattrick from 11 metres: Willem II to win with 3-2 to Fortuna Sittard, that just before half-time a red card was given (Andrija Balic).ADO Den Haag-Vitesse 路 one hour agoPast! Thomas Buitink makes a hattrick for Vitesse, but also ADO Den Haag know of three goals to make and so ends a spectacle in 3-3!Willem II-Fortuna Sittard 路 one hour geleden88′ in Tilburg, we begin the absolute final stage. Does Willem II class or Fortuna still onboard?ADO Den Haag-Vitesse 路 one hour geleden90+2 ” The extra time runs now in The Hague (two minutes). Will there be a winner?Premier league 路 one hour ago,It’s been a memorable evening in the Premier league:

Alexander Isak:
Youngest player with a hattrick in the Eredivisie for Willem II and creator of first hattrick, which consists of shredded penalty in the Premier league.

Thomas Buitink:
Youngest player with a hattrick in the Eredivisie for Vitesse.Willem II-Fortuna Sittard 路 one hour geleden81′ Isak also seems to have a ‘normal’ goal, but that celebration does not go through. The attacker prior to his hit in is offside.Premier league 路 one hour geledenWe begin the final phase of the crazy duels in The Hague and Tilburg. It is in both matches, certainly not yet Heerenveen-Excelsior 路 one hour agoAnd these are the constellations of the duel in Friesland (20.45 hours):

SC Heerenveen: Hahn; Hornkamp, H枚egh, Pierie, Woudenberg; Rienstra, Scarce, Vlap; Of Mountains, Lammers, Johnsen.

Excelsior: Damen; Fortes, Old Kotte, Mattheij, Burnet; Bruins, Koolwijk, Schouten; Edwards, Omarsson, Anderson.ADO Den Haag-Vitesse 路 one hour ago,76′ GOAL ADO! 3-3

It is once again equal in The Hague! The hit of Fact, has now and so scores the midfielder his second of the avond.De Graafschap-Heracles Almelo 路 one hour ago,16′ GOAL The County! 1-0

Charlison Benschop tap the opening goal for the home team after a quarter of play.ADO Den Haag-Vitesse 路 one hour geleden73′ After all, think of the 3-3, but the assistant referee adopts the goal because of offside.AZ-FC Groningen 路 one hour agoThis are the setups of AZ and FC Groningen for the duel to 20.45 hours:

AZ: Bizot; Svensson, Vlaar, Koopmeiners, Ouwejan; Midtsj酶, Maher, Lift; Stengs, Seuntjens, Idrissi.

FC Groningen: Padt; Zeefuik, Wierik, Chabot, Craftsman; Travel, Memisevic, Bruns; Doan, Mahi, Bel Hassani.Premier league 路 one hour geledenZo we have on this evening in the Premier league for two players to tackle: Alexander Isak for Willem II against Fortuna Sittard 3-2 after 65 minutes), and Thomas Buitink on behalf of Vitesse on a visit to ADO (2-3 after 69 minutes).Willem II-Fortuna Sittard 路 one hour ago

鈿解毥鈿 – Alexander Isak is the first player to make a Premier league-hattrick that consists exclusively of penalties. #WILFOR

AvatarAuteurGracenoteNetherlandsMoment of plaatsen19:53 – 30 march 2019Willem II-Fortuna Sittard 路 one hour agoThis was the time that Isak a penalty was given and the red card went to Balic for the violation. Meanwhile, the Swedish striker already three times may lay from eleven metres and three times was the touch.Willem II-Fortuna Sittard 路 one hour ago,61′ GOAL for Willem II! 3-2

And again Isak! The Swedish striker used his third penalty and has his hattrick tackle.Willem II-Fortuna Sittard 路 one hour geledenDe VAR does now, but also this decision.Willem II-Fortuna Sittard 路 one hour ago60′ a penalty for Willem II!

What do we get? The home team should, for the third time building from eleven metres after a violation of Ninaj on Vrousai.Willem II-Fortuna Sittard 路 one hour ago,the joy for The visitors is therefore of short duration. Willem II soon again in addition to Fortuna Sittard.Willem II-Fortuna Sittard 路 one hour ago,58′ GOAL for Willem II! 2-2

Again scores Isak from 11 metres, and again he puts Willem II in addition to Fortuna.De Graafschap-Heracles 路 one hour geleden1′ At de Vijverberg is The Graafschap-Heracles from the start.Willem II-Fortuna Sittard 路 one hour ago,56′ Penalty goal for Willem II!

This time it is the violation of Rodr铆guez. He explains Marios Vrousai down and so chalk Willem II again a penalty.Willem II-Fortuna Sittard 路 one hour ago53′ GOAL Fortuna! 1-2

With ten men the visitors a surprising lead. Branislav Ninaj works closely within after Lazaros Lamprou the ball with the head when the second pole back to the headline.Willem II-Fortuna Sittard 路 one hour geleden51′ As expected hunts Willem II direct full the 2-1. The people of tilburg get a good illustration of Isak a nice feature, but Daniel Crowley shifts the ball next.Willem II-Fortuna Sittard 路 2 hours geleden46′ We play football again in Tilburg and arbitrator Martens seemed to just indicate that the VAR now works again. We are going to see!!!ADO Den Haag-Vitesse 路 2 hours geleden46′ The ball is rolling for the second company in The Haag.De Graafschap-Heracles Almelo 路 2 hours geledenWe go about a half hour start in Doetinchem for the third Premier league match this evening.

Still 25 minutes until the kick-off…
#GRAher 馃數鈿

AvatarAuteurDe GraafschapMoment of plaatsen19:20 – 30 march 2019ADO Den Haag-Vitesse 路 2 hours geledenWat a great first half for the striker of the people from arnhem:

18 – Thomas Buitink (18 years, 289 days) became the youngest Vitesse-player with a hat-trick in the Eredivisie. Unstoppable.

AvatarAuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen19:17 – 30 march 2019Willem II-Fortuna Sittard 路 2 hours geledenHet is peace in Tilburg! The early stages did not, but both teams just before half-time. The players go to the locker rooms with a 1-1-intermediate. Fortuna Sittard should be after peace and tranquility with a ten man further.ADO Den Haag-Vitesse 路 2 hours agoRest. What a crazy duel in The Hague! Vitesse leads halfway at ADO with 2-3.Willem II-Fortuna Sittard 路 2 hours agoHere, arbitrator Richard Martens to both trainers from the VAR tonight does not work in Tilburg. It was therefore, for some hectic times during the 1-1 and the penaltymoment.Willem II-Fortuna Sittard 路 2 hours geledenDe confusion was great, but Andrija Balic received the red card for the hold of Isak, and not Rodr铆guez.Willem II-Fortuna Sittard 路 2 hours ago44′ GOAL for Willem II! 1-1

Isak fails not from the dot and put Willem II next to Fortuna.ADO Den Haag-Vitesse 路 2 hours ago43′ GOAL Vitesse! 2-3

There is some confusion, but the third of Buitink is really in the goal! His shot is changed direction and rolls agonizingly slowly towards the net.Willem II-Fortuna Sittard 路 2 hours geledenDe VAR so it can’t intervene in Tilburg, because the system works not tonight.Willem II-Fortuna Sittard 路 2 hours ago40′ Penalty William II, and red for Luck.

The people of tilburg and put them on after the 0-1 and will now be rewarded. Jes茅 Rodr铆guez holds the broken Alexander Isak fixed, can depart and Willem II should lay from eleven metres.ADO Den Haag-Vitesse 路 2 hours agoThe great man at Vitesse in the first company: Thomas Buitink.Willem II-Fortuna Sittard 路 2 hours geledenOeps! The VAR does not in Tilburg, so they can’t check or Novakovich offside was after the free kick. The goal counts so: Fortuna Sittard is on 0-1.Willem II-Fortuna Sittard 路 2 hours geledenDe VAR wants to go to the images…Back to top

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