AZ and PSV testing hersencapaciteiten of youth players

Remarkable message in The New York Times: young players at PSV have ‘computer games’ to play.

The team of Young PSV. © BELGAIMAGE

Some of the youth players in the centre of PSV have balloons, prick, others need to dots to shoot, and still others need space ships to take them down. While most clubs focus on developing good feet, our neighbors also paid attention to fast-responding brain. By means of computer games? “No, the are no games, the are tests”, explains Jurrit Sanders, one of the sports scientists who for PSV working in The New York Times. The tests are designed to hersencapaciteiten of a player to estimate. Then we are talking about disciplines such as response time, how quickly you can take decisions and how long you have your focus intact. Sanders: ‘We know a lot about tactical, technical and physical training, but on this we do not know much.’

There is quite a bit of skepticism about hersentraining in the scientific world, but there is in various sports to invest in it. So is Matt Ryan, the quarterback the Atlanta Falcons to a victory in the Super Bowl led, a fan of NeuroTracker, a computer program that, when Manchester United used.

A man who is convinced of the usefulness of hersentraining, Geert Savelsbergh, in the Netherlands ‘the voetbalprofessor’. At the university of Amsterdam he did the research, with the help of PSV and AZ. This got a group of players is an exercise in analytics, while another group was subjected to a session IntelliGym, a hersentrainingsprogramma that was originally designed for pilots. It is a ruimtegevecht simulated, where you have the control over a ruimtevloot and you a other must conquer. In the meantime you are confronted with unforeseen circumstances, such as clouds that are a part of the fleet to hide. Danny Dankner, CEO of IntelliGym, explains: ‘The intention is to make a number of aspects to testing: your anticipation, your ability to focus your attention, to divide, spatial perception,…’ The results were clear: the players who IntelliGym worked had, had their skills on the field with thirty percent more developed than that of the other group.

In AZ, they are wildly enthusiastic. Marijn Beuker, head of performance and development at the club from Alkmaar, says in The New York Times: “We think of ourselves as the Apple of the voetbalindustrie. We are always looking for new ways to use our talents.’ And that is not going unnoticed: Beuker was already invited at Bayer Leverkusen and Real Madrid to share his knowledge.

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