Aware of burgundy: “A product is not healthy or unhealthy, a diet is that called’

To much time is there ever an exciting, new way of healthy eating have been suggested, but that trendst are according to a doctor in food science, Erica Rutten is not a panacea. In her new book, ‘The conscious Sense of’ she explains how healthy eating can, and that has little to do with fashionable trends.

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Never is power more on the tongue is gone today. Not bad, Erica Rutten, phd in nutritional science and author of “The conscious Sense of’. Only the discussions are not always substantiated, and get there through the various loud crying voices of many people in the war. Even those who consciously and healthy want to eat, runs today often wrong by the emergence of, for example, superfoods, promising meal replacements and gluten-free products. Unfortunately, all those products have nothing to do with health, but with marketing. The central message: the issue is not whether a product is healthy or not, but or a diet that is.


‘A product is not healthy or unhealthy, is a pattern called’

Then what healthy food is and what is not, is a question that today for a lot of confusion continues to cause. Nevertheless, we have the answer ever known: for the industrialization that followed the two world wars, came to western diseases like obesity and diabetes significantly less.

Rutten explains in her book the connection with the changed method of cooking: for the two world wars, did people that verse, and according to the seasons. Also today, the most well-known, scientifically sound, healthy patterns of diet, the mediterranean diet and its allies, in which vegetables and other plant products are central. Animal products such as poultry, fish, dairy and eggs are systematically moderately consumed red meat and processed products is limited.

Vegetable first, then the rest

In her book “The conscious Sense of’ loves Erica Rutten a plea to return to a similar diet. That would mean they are not, of course, that we are the only Italian tomatoes and aubergines to eat, quite the contrary. She argues for a return to vegetables as much as possible from the environment, so they are still fresh when they board. “Each crop has its specific area, temperature and season where the best reflected. Every step that departs from, at the expense of the nutritional value of a product.’

Scorecard for vegetables, from ‘The conscious Sense of’

1. Fresh, local and seasonal is the absolute preference;

2. Raw frozen products are a good alternative;

3. Products that are trans-Atlantic or from a different continent should follow thereon;

4. In fourth place come the canning and tin, since they are a production process to undergo and often a lot of salts or sugars contain;

5. Fifth, can the vegetables be extracted from ready-made meals. For the groentevoorziening scoring ready-made meals, bad because these meals have too little vegetables and too much sauce and salt. A good alternative when there is even a ready-made meal on the menu, and there is an extra portion of vegetables to add. This ready-made meal is the best, no daily cost!

Also fruits, legumes, grains, nuts and seeds earn according to Rutten an important place in the daily menu. With animal products should not, according to her then what more economical to be dealt with, and she recommends or to the use of alcohol and to restrict, but she is not that alcohol in itself is unhealthy. ‘A product is not healthy or unhealthy, is a pattern. It is the combination of the products and the variation of it that a body is not optimally functioning. Power is not to reduce to one product.’

Nothing new,

Centrally in ‘The conscious Sense of’ common sense: to fully enjoy food, but in a conscious way. That not only does your body benefit, but also, ultimately, the planet. A shift in your thinking about food happens, perhaps not on a day time, but from the moment that you become aware of a number of things, going to get the ball rolling and can no longer be stopped. At the back of the book you find a number of recipes and a seasonal calendar to get used to the way of cooking.

By plant-based ingredients focus, and power to approach as a pattern instead of each ingredient, says Rutten actually nothing new: the typical food pyramid to do that for years. Nonetheless, a lot of people today, the north lost and they dare not more to enjoy the food, so books like this need to continue. This sober, scientific studies-based work is an absolute must for those who have it all just not sure.

‘Conscious Sense’ is published by Garant Publishers and costs € 18.50.

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