Awake Animal summons Albert Heijn to ‘largest Liegebeest 2017’

Awake Animal summons Albert Heijn to ‘largest Liegebeest 2017’

Albert Heijn is in an election organised by the dierenwelzijnsorganisatie Awake Animal was declared to be the “largest Liegebeest” of 2017. The supermarket received for his story about ham 7500 of the total of some 19,000 votes cast.

Albert Heijn (AH) has, according to the voters in the own magazine of all Kinds are wrongly suggested that pigs, from which ham is made, in the pasture. “In fact, the animals their entire lives inside a small loft in their own poo”, know the Awake Animal.

Nominated for the ‘award’ were also re-AH, but for farmed salmon that have a tv-advertising ‘very happy fish’ was mentioned, and further dairy Almhof, that according to the Awake Animal also mistakenly images shows of animals in the meadow.

Living freezing

The other two nominees adapted according to the Awake Animal as a result of this dubious honor their products: Rio Mare, that its tuna alive would be freezing, but of ‘well-being’ spoke, and Friesche Flag, that coffee creamer ‘half full Vegetable’ called, while the product is still largely from milk.

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