‘Avicii was pushed into something he felt’

The biggest music news of 2018 was the unexpected death of the Swedish dj Avicii at the age of 28. The Dutch dj Hardwell, made a few months later, announced that he, due to pressure of work, for an indefinite period of time stops to give performances. How djs can protect their busy activities to ensure physical and mental exploitation on the body?

On 20 april it was announced that Avicii unexpectedly died. The Swedish dj gave regularly to know that he is mentally and physically many had been affected by his busy music career. Two years earlier, in 2016, he announced that he due to health reasons to stop performing. “I was not myself more. People knew me only as Avicii, but I am not. I hate to be in the spotlight,” said Avicii in True Stories, the documentary about him was made.

“Avicii was pushed into something he felt”, said the dj duo Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano earlier “If you need to continuously perform at a area where your not happy, then one time per week, to occur too many. Hardwell has for many years extensively, while he is naturally a producer is. It is no wonder that he now decides to take more time in the studio.”

According to Jasja Heijboer, owner, ACE Agency, the booking agency that works for artists such as Martin Garrix, Don Diablo, Yellow Claw and Sam Feldt and Quintino, feared many people of the dj world for years for the (mental) health of the artist. “It was clear that it was not good with him. But when he died, he was already two years stopped touring. Then you can’t say his agenda has directly done something wrong, but I do think that it is partly as a consequence of his work schedule of the previous years.”

Heijboer explains that the agent of a dj, the bookings, in consultation with the management. “The final decision you will make. But in the case of Avicii was his agent and manager in one person. That gets the spanningsvlak to the artist for maintaining a healthy way.”


Trailer documentary of Avicii on the dark side of the music world

“It was clear that it went not well with Avicii’

Heijboer has at ACE thirty employees in service, who focus on the well-being of their clients. “Our mental and physical health is always an important point and that is going for maximum revenue,” says Heijboer. “There are my agents trained. If it is less would go well with an artist, we make sure that their schedule is changed and that the pressure is removed. It’s a risky profession who travels a lot between different time zones, it has a lot of impact on people and can make for stress. That we are extra careful, doesn’t mean that there’s never anything can happen.”

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That many of the works may lead to a burn-out, a form of depression that in 2018 more attention. A burn-out is a complete exhaustion of the body, which arises after people first a long period of stress experienced, and here is not enough to recover, says psychologist Albert Sonnevelt. “You hit first span, and in the next stage generates a burn-out.”

Sonnevelt explains what the first signs of a burn-out. “You can harder focus becomes less sharp, fret more, will suffer from physical symptoms such as headaches and stomach problems. And you can behavioral symptoms such as increased alcohol drinking, more smoking, more eating. If these signals occur, and you often isolates, that is strong evidence that you are severely overstimulated.”

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“As a touring artist, you have the really heavy”, says dj San Holo. “There is so much more to it than up on a stage and a performance. If I have a show to give ten thousand people, I can hardly say that I do not come, even though I’m sick, or I do not feel good. It is important to set limits, but often you will have only that you have gone too far when it’s already too late.”

Dj’s may have to deal with huge amounts of stress. “Stress is only stress if you feel you have no choice. If we have a flu, we stay at home for a day, but that is more difficult when there are 30,000 people waiting for you. If something stressful is that. And this also ensures that artists of that caliber are so vulnerable to addictive substances.”

“In the documentary you see that Avicii is constantly in fear of lives”

Avicii suffering from a alcohol addiction and depression. “It is so that people as a result of a burn-out, depressive symptoms can get,” says Sonnevelt. “In the documentary about Avicii you see that he is constantly in fear lives. When that happens drops serotoninegehalte, leading to depression and fear can lead.”

Your hormonal system is therefore disrupted, explains Sonneveld, and because people – in this case dj’s – to continuously deplete, the body gets no chance to recover. “You cortisolgehalte drops and cortisol is also need to temporarily with a stress reaction in order to be able to go and support the immune system. That no longer happens.”

Dj’s often make in a short time, long distances and so have to deal with jet lag. “Sleep is the best way to restore your system to reset,” explains the psychologist. “This is then compensated with, for example, a lot of coffee or narcotics, but to be able to go. But at a given moment, says your body: this doesn’t help any more.”


Hardwell during his last show. ()

In addition, djs can also suffer from intelligence, that for quite a lot of stress. “After the fear of death is the most common fear. That stems from the fear no more to hear. If you are not performing, or not doing what is expected from you, then it may just be that you don’t hear. That makes this kind of people even more vulnerable. If you lived, it is difficult to make boundaries. A tour manager should actually say: to take a break. So that Hardwell and his team decided.”

Especially with young artists, it is important that there is a look to their work schedule, set Heijboer, such as dj Martin Garrix to the office came when he was fifteen years old. “Young artists are enthusiastic and know their strength yet. If we notice that an artist is not comfortable with a schedule, we give you hearing, and we throw this equal to. Also the input of their parents is important.”

The ‘common books’ in the company of Heijboer first. “One person may be better against a busy work schedule than the other. We have an artist who is perhaps four or five times as much can do as he now does, but that does not suit him. Then you can choose for him a different path, and that is also okay.”

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