Aviation authority U.S. still has no indication of return 737 MAX

The head of the U.s. aviation authority (FAA) said Wednesday that there is still no time when the Boeing 737 MAX can fly is determined. Devices of this type worldwide since mid-march on the ground.

FAA-director Dan Elwell said Wednesday that his organization is still not the official software update has been received. He has this week consultations with the aeronautical authorities of thirty countries, including China, the EU and Canada.

Boeing has to say since last week the software update for the 737 MAX is ready. It has 207 flights all 360 flight hours made with devices with the updated software. The software update must eventually be approved by the American aviation authority FAA, before the aircraft in the air.

In two accidents with a Boeing 737 MAX, in Indonesia and Ethiopia, came in a total of 346 people were killed. Both accidents were the result of a software error that caused the tip of the plane down, remained.

Indonesia said Tuesday that the 737 MAX as possible until next year on the floor. The aviation authorities in the country where the first of two crashes with such a device took place, not without more pleased with the measures taken by the American aircraft manufacturer and want to make their own decisions.


Making the Boeing 737 MAX planes can crash

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