Avenatti, mulling WH run, says anti-Trump Democrats in New Hampshire to “fight fire with fire’

Michael Avenatti headlined a democratic party event in Greenfield, New Hampshire.

(Fox News)

GREENFIELD, N. H. – Michael Avenatti on the target President Donald Trump took, and called on Democrats to “fight fire with fire”, as he headlined a democratic party event on Sunday in the state that holds the first primary in the race for the White house.

The Los Angeles-based lawyer, is best known for the portrayal of adult-film actress Stormy Daniels in her lawsuit against the President, told Fox News and other news organizations, that “I am absolutely serious,” as he is considering a run for the democratic presidential nomination.

And his message to other potential democratic White house hopefuls is that the 2020 – “choice is a brutal, knockdown, street fight, and if anyone does not remain for this type of campaign, you need to go home and not to seek the nomination.”

2020 A.M.: Potential presidential candidate @Michael avenatti – at Hillsborough County, NH-democratic party-event – touting reporters that @realDonaldTrump “does not want to debate me on a national stage…I think he would be totally outclassed” #nhpolitics #FITNESS #2020election

— Paul Steinhauser (@steinhauserNH1) August 19, 2018

Also he wiped all concerns aside, that his law firm could be the legal problems hurt him politically.

The Headliner of the Hillsborough County Democrats summer picnic and fundraiser, Avenatti fired again and again removed to the President, to say to serve to great applause, the “Donald Trump about the knowledge, the wisdom, compassion or strength, as the President of the United States.”

But he added that “this President, no matter how corrupt or cruel he is, he knows how to fight.”

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Avenatti said that Democrats “have a tendency to bring nail clippers to a gunfight,” and he said to the mass of party officials, candidates and activists, “I believe that our party, the democratic party must be a party that fights fire with fire. I don’t think we the party, keep the other cheek.”

And as he stops at a stop last weekend in Iowa, the state that the first change in the nation caucus – Avenatti, a slogan from the well-known former first lady Michelle Obama, urging that “if they (the Republicans) tend to go, we hit harder.”

He closed his nearly 25-minute speech with a variation of Trump’s signature campaign line, saying, “We America make gracious. We make America fair again. We make America dynamic. We make America respected. And especially, we can make America America again.”

Avenatti came in New Hampshire, Florida, where he headlined a democratic party event in Tampa on Saturday night. He told reporters, he went back to Iowa in a couple of days ago and announced that he would go back to New Hampshire in late September.

I don’t think [President Trump] is very fast on his feet. I don’t think think he’s so intelligent and I, he would be completely outclassed.

– Michael Avenatti

Push back against the charge that his political examination of the body of water is a publicity stunt, Avenatti argued, “I’m not going to go and do and give to talk like this and talk with people on some lark. I’m going to seriously consider this, because the 2020 election is a critical election, I would dare to say that the most critical in the modern time.”

Avenatti warned, “to nominate, If the democratic party proceeds, the person, who would be the best President, this is a mistake.”

He said that in 2016, Hillary Clinton “was nominated for a qualified Person to ever run for the White house in the history of our nation.”


But he added that “all the experience in the world, all the qualifications in the world, all the political positions in the world, they mean nothing if you can’t beat Donald Trump in the General election, period.”

Avenatti, said, “Donald Trump does not want a debate with me on a national stage. That’s for sure. There is no question about that.”

(Fox News)

Asked how he would have claimed the fight to the President, a self-conscious Avenatti,, “Donald Trump does not want a debate with me on a national stage. That’s for sure. There is no question about that.”

“I think he is a bully, and I don’t think he likes people who fight back and I think I would be incredibly effective against him,” Avenatti added. “I don’t think he’s very quick on his feet. I don’t think he’s so intelligent and I think he would be totally outclassed.”


Avenatti firm Eagan Avenatti was at the same time, control a trap with the Internal Revenue Service over $880,000 in unpaid wages. The company had suggested that the millions of dollars in debt and have fallen years behind in the payment of social security contributions.

Asked by Fox News if he was worried that his company could not affect the legal questions, his hopes to run for the White house, Avenatti said, “I’m worried about. Show me those who had great success and I’ll show you someone who had great challenges.”

On policy, Avenatti told the crowd that as President, he would push for Medicare for all, the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment, and what he called “sensible gun control in America,” adding, “We should never again run amok on U.S. soil.”

He also called for investments in public school teachers, and securing the borders of the country “, to honor while at the same time, the values and principles that founded this country.”

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