Autopsy: Man shot 9 times by the campus police in Oregon

FILE – June 29, 2018, file video image of a police officer’s body cam, and that by the Portland State University shows Jason Washington, after he was shot and killed by the Portland State University police officers in Portland, Ore. Two campus security officers fired 17 times the legally armed man who tried to break up a fight and beat him nine times, killing him, according to a report released Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2018. (Portland State University via AP, file)

PORTLAND, Ore. – Two campus security officers in Oregon, fired 17 times at a legally armed black man who tried to break up a fight and beat him nine times, killing him, according to a report released Wednesday.

Oregon State Medical Examiner Dr. Rebecca Millius has ruled the death of Jason Washington, 45, a murder, the report shows.

Washington was struck in the chest, back, abdomen and legs and had graze wounds from a bullet that glanced off his head, ” she said.

A grand jury ruled on Sept. 13 Portland State University Officers James Dewey and Shawn McKenzie should not face criminal charges in the June 29 shooting.

Washington, a veteran of the Navy and the U. S. Postal Service employee, was drinking with friends when his group got into a confrontation with another group outside a bar called the Cheerful Tortoise just outside the campus in the centre of Portland.

A long report, released last week by the Portland Police Bureau, as well as the images pulled from police body-worn cameras, to show Washington had a gun in his pocket when he tried to come to a friend’s assistance during a fight. Officers later found a legal permit to carry a concealed weapon in the dead man’s wallet.

The images of Dewey ‘ s camera shows the campus police officer rolls up to a fight on the street to the edge of the campus of the university.

Dewey exits his patrol vehicle and a man on the scene says a number of times, “He pulled a gun on us! He pulled a gun!” as he points to Washington, which seems to try to be his friend from a fight.

At that point, Washington’s visible drunk friend breaks down and begins punching the other man, until he is kicked by a third person in the head and knocked out.

As Washington attempts to pull the man away from his unconscious friend, Dewey grabs Washington’s arm from behind and tells him to back away from the fight. A black object that resembles a gun is visible sticking out from Washington right hip pocket at that time in Dewey’s body camera video.

Washington stumbles backwards and falls to the ground, if someone says, “He has a gun!”

Washington state, a few steps away from Dewey and turns to face the two officers, they call on him to drop the gun.

The medical examiner’s report cites one of the agents like to shout, “Do not pick up the gun!” just before the officers fired 17 shots “at a very fast pace.”

A witness told various media immediately after the shooting that she saw the gun fall out of Washington’s pocket when he fell, and he was shot after he picked it up.

It is unclear from the angle of both the body camera videos, but Washington holds the gun as he is shot.

Toxicological reports indicate Washington had a blood-alcohol level more than three times the legal driving limit.

His wife, Michelle, of Washington, has said she will file a lawsuit in the death of her husband.

Portland State university president has hired two independent firms, examines the school’s policy of arming the campus police and the other for the purposes of its own investigation into the shooting. The students are planning a rally later this month at the school to disarm the campus police.

PSU decided to arm campus security officers in 2014, despite objections from students.


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