Auto Maintenance at Home

Auto Maintenance at Home

Performing your own auto maintenance at home can be rewarding and fun—and it can save you money.

Best of all, car maintenance is something you can do with your buddies or your kids. It’s become a tradition for many families around the country, or old friends who come back to the neighborhood around the holidays. You’ve seen those groups of guys huddled around a cantankerous old “project car.” Well, that’s the epitome of home auto maintenance, and it can be quite difficult without the right tools.

Car lifts make personal auto maintenance much easier—especially when space (or flexibility) is limited.

Take, for example, a do-it-yourself mechanic living in the city where space is already at a premium. He has to perform car maintenance in his driveway, which is already a tight squeeze for his SUV. With a car lift, he’s able to double his space instantly and give himself more room to work.

A car lift comes in a few sizes:

  • • 2 post lifts, which usually lift the vehicle on a small platform at about where the front and rear doors meet
  • • 4 post lifts, which provide a full-length platform the car drives onto before it’s lifted
  • Motorcycle lift, which operates in a much smaller area.

And regardless of the lift’s make or model, the benefits are undeniable:

  • • Access to the vehicle undercarriage. This makes simple procedures like changing the oil much easier.
  • • Free wheels (with a 2 post lift). When you don’t have to worry about jacking up your car, a tire rotation becomes much quicker and easier. It’s something we could all do more often to prolong the life of our tires, and with a lift freeing up all four wheels at once, it becomes a breeze.
  • • Lower back relief. No longer will you have to lie on the uncomfortable garage floor. You can even pull up a comfy chair and sit down. After all, the hydraulic system on your lift allows you to adjust the height of the vehicle to an optimum level.

Not only did his driveway just double in size, but if Mr. DIY bought himself a four-post lift, he’s able to park another vehicle under the lifted one.

If space was keeping you from buying that sweet Chevy Nova, your problems have been solved. Besides, now you’re out of excuses to get working on it.

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