Authorities ask patient to often and incorrectly to medical records’

Authorities ask patient to often and incorrectly to medical records’

Municipalities, insurers, occupational health services and other agencies questions people often have their whole medical record with their physician to request and to hand over, while this is not. That allows the National Association of general Practitioners on the basis of a survey of 175 of its members.

The LHV represents about 11,000 family doctors and general practitioners in training. Of the surveyed doctors said nearly 60 percent several times per year a request from a patient to his medical file.

Nine in ten give patients access, but the same number of doctors asks why people file want to see. The reason, or one of them, as patients there are multiple, is often a body the patient had requested it, according to the LHV. Other frequently mentioned reasons are that a patient of doctor changes or the content of the file wants to check.

“The authorities ask more and more to patients a copy of their medical records, whereas this is not at all,” says doctor Carin Littooij, who is also on the board of the LHV.


“The problem is that many patients do not know their rights,” said Littooij. “Doubt you, as a doctor about the provision of the requested information, it is wise for the patient to discuss. It is the right of the patient to inspect never be lost sight of.”

A spokesman adds that authorities, provided they get consent from the patient, with a specific question directly to the care provider – in this case, the general practitioner should turn to.


The Association of Dutch Municipalities (VNG), admits there is “still a lot to improve”. “It is not good if local councils complete records request. The client must be confident that there care with personal data and that it is only when competent people to land,” said a spokeswoman. According to her, there are discussions to implement improvements.

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