Australia’s area is half the size of Belgium to be evacuated for the fires

The Australian government hopes that the citizens of any part of the state of Victoria to make their home on Monday to leave due to approaching forest fires. On Monday in the country, temperatures of over 40 degrees are expected, which is accompanied by strong gusts of wind vlammenzeeën the environment too.

Tens of thousands of residents in an area half the size of Belgium, and have been advised as soon as possible “a safe area”, and according to The Guardian. According to a spokesman for the fire service, there are not enough bluswagens to each and every home in the area to be protected.

In the region of the East Gippsland Shire will be expected to have the most problems. The fires can be so severe, that the main roads become inaccessible. A great festival in the south-west of the state is concerned, it is just a precaution to shut down.

Victoria is bordered by the state of New South Wales, the region most heavily affected by the bush fires. Now threat, there are water shortages and protection of water infrastructure such as pipelines, will be intensified. Also, it would be a third of the koalapopulatie have been lost.

‘Fires cost nearly 500 million dogs in the life”

The land has been used since the previous month, affected by a sustained heat wave. The average temperature is constantly around 40 degrees celsius. Two weeks ago, it broke Australia’s own hitterecord, when the average air temperature at 41.9 degrees celsius was released.

At least 1.6 million hectares (ha) of nature, it would have been part of the vlammenzeeën. Up to now, were eight people, and it is estimated that some 500 million animals killed, including thousands of protected koalas.

31Uitgedroogde koala drinking water bottle of Australian cyclists is empty

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