Australians make a television series with stories about datingapps

Australians make a television series with stories about datingapps

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Australian makers have a television series made puppets real-life stories about datingapps portraying.

According to the makers came up with the idea when they found that none of the stories openly dared to tell.

In the series of No Strings Attached is the story of a person who is using dating apps drugs are selling, but also a story about a man and his wife on a date to send the girlfriend that he is on Tinder meets.

“Although the show is about strange, funny, and awkward experiences with dating apps, we also wanted the other side to explore where you can feel the loneliness and the isolation sees that people experienced,” says author Emma Watts of ABC News. “The dolls are there is something komischer to make”.


When the producers of the series, a selection is made of the stories that would be shown in the series, they were, according to Watts, sometimes a negative perspective on dating apps.

“But then we were suddenly moving stories of people in other countries lived or even on other sides of a city, and said that they would otherwise never had met.”

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