Australian woman gives tampons to homeless people through a subscription service

Australian woman gives tampons to homeless people through a subscription service

Photo: AFP

An Australian woman is a subscription service started that a tampon is provided to homeless women.

The Australian actress Saskia Hampele came up with the idea and delivers the tampons on existing good doelenorganisaties which they then distribute, reports ABC News.

They began the service Gift Box after she as a volunteer had helped with the creation of new tampons of all kinds of different people and companies without a real system behind it.

According to organisations working with the homeless is a good distribution system in which always a constant supply arrives through the post very useful.


People who live on the street, according to the organizations not always good to be with menstruation. So often they have no money for tampons to buy and steal them in the store or they use other products not intended for.

“For example, We know that people at laundromats, you can search old socks or clothes to steal from clotheslines to use it,” says Donna Stolzenberg, an organization that works with homeless people.


Stolzenberg says to ABC News that it also prevents women tampons and panty liners reuse and wash, or newspapers, or parts of their own clothing to use.

According to Stolzenberg leads wrong use to uncomfortable situations and sometimes even to infections.


The tampons that Hampele via the subscription service distributes are made of durable cotton with no chemicals used to make.

Hampele, who had a part to play in the popular Australian television series Neighbours, says they were a year ago had not thought ever make such a social service. “I have in the past six months more about tampons and menstruation spoken than ever in my life”.

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