‘Australian police thwarts bomb attack on airplane’

‘Australian police thwarts bomb attack on airplane’

Photo: AFP

The police in Australia Sunday announced may a bomb attack on a plane to avoid. During an anti-terrorism operation in Sydney were Saturday, four people were arrested. The security measures at Australian airports are screwed.

Commissioner of the Australian federal police, Andrew Colvin said at a joint press conference with prime minister Malcolm Turnbull: “In the past few days, the police received information which suggested that a couple of people in Sydney were planning a terrorist act to be committed with a makeshift bomb.”

“We believe, indeed, that there is inspired by islam terrorism. What exactly is behind it, we need to fully investigate”, said the commissioner.

The police has, according to the Colvin at the moment not much information about the nature of the attack, the location, date or time. “We are, however, information on the studies which would prove that the aviation industry is a possible target.”

During the operation were five searches performed in the suburbs of Sydney. That research can take days, said Colvin.


Prime minister Turnbull announced that the security of the airport of Sydney Thursday were tightened as a result of the possible threat. The other domestic and international airports in the country followed Saturday.

Also in Australia there are worries about the returning Syria – and Irakgangers. About one hundred Australians traveled to the Middle East to join extremist groups.

There are in Australia a number of attacks perpetrated by loners with a jihadist ideology. Came in 2014 when a gijzelingsactie in a café in Sydney two hostages and the gijzelnemer to life.

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