Australian firefighters fear more natural fires is after Christmas

After Christmas, there will be in Australia, once again, extremely high temperatures are anticipated, please notify the Australian fire services. It is to be feared that the already existing natural fires more rapidly expanding, and a new burn to occur.

Australian natural fires

  • Up to now, six persons in order to in the life
  • Last weekend, a 180-homes-destroyed
  • A total of 3.7 million acres of forest burned to the ground
  • One hundred active fires in the state of New South Wales

With a weaker wind and lower temperatures, the weather during Christmas is relatively good in Australia. These days it can be used to find the location of the fires, in order to better notify the fire department. It also looks at how the current fires can be contained.

The weekend after Christmas, according to australia’s weather bureau, Bureau of Meteorology weather, with high temperatures around 40 degrees are expected. Last week, there was an average of more than 41 degrees, a new recordtemperatuur is achieved. In some regions it was the mercury in excess of 45 degrees.

The city is completely in the ashes

This past weekend, the fires in Australia, a lot of damage. The place is at Balmoral, in the state of New South Wales, where about 400 people live in, it is almost entirely in ashes.

The premier of New South Wales, Gladys Berejiklian, on the 19th of december, for the second time to declare a state of emergency in the state of the navy. New South Wales, and is one of the states in which due to heat and drought, most of the fires take place.

69Luchtbeelden show the extent of forest fires near Sydney

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