Australian dictionary prefers ‘fake news’ to the word of the year

Australian dictionary prefers ‘fake news’ to the word of the year

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A committee of the Macquarie Dictionary, the main dictionary of Australia, has fake news (nepnieuws) was elected word of the year.

The concept gets in the dictionary the definition is: “disinformation and hoaxes that websites be published for a political purpose to serve, or to the number of visitors increase” and “the incorrectie information via social media”.

Other contenders were among more alt-right (an English term for right-wing alternative ideologies to indicate), and shoefiti, a contraction of the words ‘shoe’ and ‘graffiti’, which shoes to be used on overhead lines to be hung, reports ABC News.

The profit of fake news does not come as a surprise. The concept was in 2016 worldwide very well-known during the American elections when many of the messages appeared with catchy headlines to get people to obscure sites to lure or to the voting behaviour of voters to influence.

Previously elected to the English woordenboekuitgever Oxford Dictionaries post-truth to the word of the year. With that understanding be situations in which facts for the public opinion is less influential than the play on the emotions. Just as in Australia ended up there also alt-right, high on the list.

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