Australian actor Sullivan Stapleton is the opinion of reviewers, not so fascinating

Australian actor Sullivan Stapleton is the opinion of reviewers, not so fascinating

The Australian actor Sullivan Stapleton is not woken up from a bad review of a tv series or movie where he plays. The actor, who among other things in the series Blindspot plays, it is not necessary to have all opinions from people to hear or read.

“Actually, I think reviewers best weird people. It is a rather strange job: you write your opinion on paper and you do get money for it. But there are still billions of other people who also have an opinion about and that you see or hear. Why should I then have something to attract that one?”, according to Stapleton in conversation with

The actor was known worldwide for his role in 300: Rise of an Empire, where reviewers are not too positive about. The tv series, Blindspot, where the actor is one of the leading roles in plays, was a lot better received in the United States.

Stapleton: “I don’t know if reviewers are milder for series than for movies. What I do know is that I can’t send or they find it fun, or not. More important I find the people there to watch, and their friends say: that you must see! But to me to be something to attract negative or positive comments, I do not.”


The 39-year-old actor often plays the tough guy in tv shows and movies. In 300, he ran with sword and shield around, in Blindspot he can be seen as FBI agent with a kogelvrijvest and gun. Although Stapleton that trend on his cv is also see, it is not so that he reels out there on singles.

“I have very much fun, but I say just as well ‘yes’ to a romantic comedy or playing a drug addict. On the one or other way, it often does so that I am the tough guy play. Film and seriemakers see me apparently like the place. And I prefer a working actor who can earn money, so however you choose to go in place of the per se variety to search on your cv,” says Stapleton.


The American series Blindspot is available from Sunday 18 september to look at Veronica. The actor plays an FBI agent who, with his team, an unknown woman in a bag found in the middle of Times Square. The woman is sitting under the tattoos that refer to different issues within the intelligence service, but she knows nothing more.

Although the actor for his role of swashbuckling public image need to deviate there is a lack of something else in him: his Australian accent is not heard in the series. “That accent is indeed a while. I must make money hey, so it’s useful if you have an American speak to also as to sound. But when I go back to Australia goes that accent again immediately to hear.”

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