Australia assists in search for crashed U.s. marines

Australia assists in search for crashed U.s. marines

Photo: EPA

The Australian government has Sunday to let you know all assistance to the U.s. navy, in the searches around the Saturday, crashed MV-22 Osprey, a cross between a helipoter and a plane. That unit is hit during an exercise to water.

Since the accident, the three marines still missing. Early Sunday morning (Dutch time) and decided the American army, the rescue operation to cease. One suspects that the marines are no longer alive. Instead, it is now searched for their remains; a company that even months can take.

The families of the missing persons were directly of that decision was informed, according to the leadership of the III Marine Expeditionary Force.

23 other passengers could Saturday be saved. The Australian emergency services to let them know that one person is admitted to a hospital in the vicinity, but made no further details known.

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Unknown cause

Australia sent a research vessel to the spot where the aircraft crashed. A dive team will be the Americans assisting in the search.

The cause of the accident with the Osprey is still unknown. The Australian weather bureau has described the weather conditions, wind speeds, and the deinig at sea at the time of the accident as “favourable”. “The light northeast wind did not affect the surface of the water or the waves,” said a metereoloog.

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