Attorney-general VS complains Facebook to datamisbruikschandaal

The attorney-general in the American capital, Washington has Facebook sued because of the datamisbruikschandaal with Cambridge Analytica.

The lawsuit was by two anonymous sources confirmed, reports The Washington Post. In the message is that this is the first time that regulators in the U.S. the group want to punish for his links with Cambridge Analytica.

Facebook has been sued, because the political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica had access to the personal data of 87 million Facebook users. Users had no permission.

The datamisbruikschandaal this year came frequently in the news. The Us Federal Trade Commission is now examining the relationship between Facebook and Cambridge Analytica and how the user data was handled.

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Companies had access to privéchats

Facebook this year came with a lot of privacyschandalen in the news. Wednesday also came out that Facebook the tech Netflix and Spotify had access to private conversations of users with a linked account to be able to read. There were users nor permission.

The social network denies that data without permission are recognised. Also let Netflix know that the company is “at no point messages read”.

According to a spokesperson was the datadeal in 2014 part of a function, which in 2015 was removed.

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