Attorney general john united states, to Democrats, to fully Ruslandonderzoek show

A U.s. judge on Friday a request by a sub-committee of the U.s. House of Representatives in order to gain access to all of the missing pieces of the Ruslandonderzoek of a special prosecutor, Robert Mueller.

The court in Washington, the united states department of Justice, and the application deadline provided that all of the pieces to the 30th of October will need to pass it on.

Attorney general john William Barr issued in march, only a short one, he has made a summary of the Ruslandonderzoek. Therein, it was concluded that Trump’s campaign is not conspiring with the Russians. A couple of weeks later, he released a re-edited version of the study.

The district court held that the requirement of disclosure of the full investigation, “the greater has been the continuing secrecy of it”. Also, it rejects the right of the claim of the ministry of Justice of the european communities alleged that the state is not required to use the information in the report to make it public.

The court’s decision is a victory for the Democratic party, who are engaged in an inquiry into the possible impeachment procedure of the united states president, Donald Trump. The response to this was a phone conversation between Trump and the president of Ukraine, in which He was his power as a president, it would have been. The judge concluded on Friday that an impeachment procedure on its own merits.


He would risk dismissal, as the president, this is how it works, the procedure

Justice starts his own investigation, to the Mueller investigation

Interestingly enough, it made the Justice department Friday announced a criminal investigation into the manner in which the Ruslandonderzoek came into being. The survey commenced on an administrative basis in may. It is closely followed by Barr.

Now, it is a criminal case, the prosecutor’s office, which is the results of John Durham, for more investigation. It can process and use to summon witnesses and documents, and a onderzoeksjury convention, and claims preparation.

He pulls at the end of the Ruslandonderzoek in may of 2017 with the result in doubt. According to the president, it is not Russian interference in the presidential election of 2016, but Democratic party political motives take over. He also said that the investigation of the special prosecutor, Mueller, dozens of times, as a “witch-hunt”, to a few months after that, in march, 2019 at the latest, until the end.

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