Attentive student thwarted a possible shooting at a school, Vermont police say

Vermont officials during a suspect shooting at a school after a careful student heard two 14-year-old classmates, plan

A high school student in Vermont helped prevent a possible shooting at a school after listening to two classmates discuss bring guns to campus, police say.

Researchers said a concerned parent of Middlebury Union High School called the police on Saturday to inform them of their child had concerns “about a number of conversations this student was dedicated, where there was talk about the use of firearms to harm people in the school.”

Middlebury police chief Tom Hanley told the Addison Independent on Tuesday that the police and school officials immediately started an investigation into the assertion in the weekend.

“By the early Monday, we had indicated that two people, one of whom had made a specific threat against a specific person in the school, with a date and time when this was going to happen,” he told the newspaper.

He said that the two 14-year-old students were planning to make the guns from a relative and bring them to school on Tuesday.

“You had a juvenile making a very specific threat, another young who was going to provide the weapons for him to carry it out,” Hanley said. “There are relationship problems between all those involved. We are still going through a lot of it.”

Prosecutors got an Extreme Risk To and handle the weapons of the relative home and the police got the Vermont Department for Children & Families involved.

Hanley said more than 10 weapons were seized from the house, consisting largely of the hunting guns and pistols. He told the Independent he doesn’t believe a semi-automatic assault rifles or guns were among the seized weapons.

The young people who allegedly wanted to shoot was placed in custody with DCF and is receiving mental health counseling, while the other, who use the weapons in anticipation of possible punishment.

Their identity has not been revealed yet, and they were for an indefinite period of time is retrieved from the classes, the Independent reported.

The police said that there was no longer a threat to the school, which serves students in grades 7 and 8 for a number of cities in the area.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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