Attack, London Bridge, the cost of two people’s lives, the three are still in hospital

Two of the victims of the attack on Friday afternoon at London Bridge, to his death, said police chief Cressida Dick, in a press conference. There are three wounded people in the hospital. The perpetrator of the incident, died after his arrest and was hit by a politiekogel. The British government is at 22: 30 hours, central european time, a crisisberaad.

What’s with all the other injuries and the member of the supervisory board do not sign up. In the first instance, it was the police department out of a few perpetrators, but the Dick was reported Friday night, that is still to be investigated whether there are more people who are involved in the action.

The british emergency services were Friday afternoon for a video of the London Bridge in the English capital. Several people were wounded in that battle.

On the spot, and resolved that the police department, several shots, in which the perpetrator of a deadly hit. Subsequently reported to the assistant commissioner of police, Neil Basu, the man is a suspected nepexplosief on his body and clothes.

The bridge and the surrounding area have been closed and emergency services are available for the study. The next time it will be for the police to go on patrol in London.

Initially, it was investigated whether the stabbing was related to terrorism, and later on in the day it was announced that the incident as a terrorist act has been identified. The police department continues to be open to other scenarios.


British police kill man with knife in London

The mayor of London and the British prime minister, responding to the incident

Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London, declared in a response to his sympathy for the victims and their relatives.

“We have to, we will resolutely continue to stand strong and united to continue to be so if the terrorism takes place. They want us to attack and to divide, will never win it,” said the mayor. Khan also expressed his appreciation to the people who have surgery, and the perpetrator is on the ground in china, which according to him, the images to be seen.

The British prime minister, Boris Johnson, said as a first response to the situation, to follow closely, and he thanked the police and the emergency services for their swift response.

In 2017 came to a stop at the London Bridge, eight people were killed, while 48 others injured.


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