Atletiekunie at dopingschorsing coach is full of confidence in Hassan

The Dutch Atletiekunie means to fully trust in the Sifan Hassan, their American coach, Alberto Salazar on Tuesday for a four-year ban by the Us antidopingbureau USADA. According to the Dutch association, there is no reason to question the athlete, which is a Saturday in the 10,000-meter gold won at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Doha.

“We have had full and complete confidence in the Sifan,” said the Ad Roskam, technical director of the Atletiekunie, on Tuesday, in the heart of the Netherlands world cup squad in the World.

“I have no doubt that her extraordinary talent, her determination, and her training efforts, to ensure that the Sifan is performing as they are doing. There is not a 0.01% admiration or confidence.”

The dopingbeschuldigingen of the USADA, dating from the period prior to Hassan by the end of 2016 to the United States of america went to work out at the atletengroep of Salazar. Both the bond and when Hassan was three years ago, at the height of the investigation into the coach, which, inter alia, “unacceptable health risks”, it would have to be taken with the athletes.

“We did that, the file is there, and it was a penalty, was able to come out. Therefore, we are in 2016, from the very first time, arrangements have been made with Sifan.”

According to Alberto Salazar, the coach of the Sifan Hassan, who for four years has been suspended. (Photo: Getty Images)

“We know what the physical therapists with Sifan ride’

One of the rules was that the medical team from the Hassan’s hands still remained on the Dutch doctors.

“My medical care in the Netherlands, and Salazar is no try,” said Hassan was found, and then they insist that they don’t have anything to hide. “I have each and every month to be tested, and I think we could even do it every day.”

When Hassan and medication is given, we will always have to go via a Dutch physician, told me that scrubs the skin. “And that means they strictly adhere to. We know, also, what are physical therapists, with Sifan travel and direct contact with our medical staff. And while the tournament is in their use by physicians of the union list.”

Sifan Hassan, after her golden race on Saturday in the 10,000 m. (Photo: Getty Images)

“We know not what is

Due to the loss of Salazar, who will have accreditation in Doha, immediately, to compromise, and now it’s the coaching, Hassan during the world cup at the hands of the Dutch Atletiekunie. Head coach, Charles van Commenée, the tasks are taken from Salazar and accompanied by Hassan in the 1,500 meters, where she made her second world championship win will win.

The birth of Ethiopian, said to himself that it was after the world cup as the USA is going to work out with the co-coaches of Salazar. Roskam wanted to say anything about the long-term and talk.

“As long as we are back in the Netherlands, we are looking only some of the possible complications. And then we’re going to be together with the Sifan and its management to see how the road to the Olympics next year, Tokyo will look like. But first we need to focus on the 1,500 meters.”

In the series of the 1,500 meters on Wednesday to the program at the Khalifa International Stadium and the final on Saturday night. When Hassan was once again a world champion, is the first Dutchman with two-time gold medal in the world CHAMPIONSHIPS.

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