Athletes Steenhuis: ‘it Would be very painful, as I’m going back with silver finish at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS

After two silver european CHAMPIONSHIP medals in a row, hunting the opponent Mark Steenhuis on Monday in Minsk at the first-ever European title in her career. With the birth of Brabant tankte in september, it is necessary to trust in the uci road world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Baku, azerbaijan, second is to be hoped that the form have to match, in White Russia, where they are, in any case, not going back with the silver will end up.

The results list of a Steenhuis in the past few years, is a good example. They are finished in 2017, and 2018, with nearly every tournament on the podium, and has won six Grand Slams to her name and is currently the number two in the world in the category up to 78 kilograms. However, absent a gold medal at a european CHAMPIONSHIP or world cup is still on its roll of honour.

“You’ll always have a list in your head the prices that you are in your career, getting caught or not. A gold EURO coin is definitely on,” says the 26-year-old Steenhuis in the interview with NUsport. “If that is the case, then it is the appetite not yet satisfied, but then I’m a step closer to a reality.”

At the last European Games in Baku, azerbaijan (2015) took a Steenhuis is a very good level, but it had to be, they are bronze, please. The two I’s, then in Kazan, and Warsaw, reached them, however, in the final, but she lost the battle for the gold medal. Last year, she missed the european CHAMPIONSHIPS due to an injury, and so it is now going to be in There.

“Because of the recent european CHAMPIONSHIPS, I am more than ever focused on the gold in There. If I had to be error-free am, all on my own take, and yet a third word, I’m about a third. But very happy and glad that I am not really gold. I’m not going to go There to get my third CHAMPIONSHIP in a row, the second is to be used. That is, it would be very painful. I still prefer the third person.”

Marhinde Verkerk (left) and Mark Steenhuis on the world cup stage. ()

‘Lesser’ results are easy to explain”

In comparison, with its powerful series in 2017 and 2018 will fall on the performance of the matte house this year, it’s still a little disappointing. The runner-up of the last world championship, the Grand Slam, Düsseldorf (February) in the first round, switched off and on to the Grand Slam in Baku, azerbaijan, there was not much more than one-fifth of a place.

“These results may be, I myself and very good at explaining it, so it’s no downward spiral or anything like that,” says Steenhuis. “After the world cup, I still have some tournaments to be done, and then I get a little burned out. I got my rest, got caught, and for a total reset will be done.”

“The startup took just a bit longer than in the previous year. I had expected it to be a bit faster, but that’s not really a problem. I’ve had enough experience to be a good level of achievement, so I don’t think that I’m in a black hole trap or something like that.”

Mark Steenhuis picked up on her recent european CHAMPIONSHIP’s silver medal. ()

Matte house hopes to have a mindset of a world cup

Her silver medal at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS of 2018 and beyond gives you more than enough confidence for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS. Steenhuis was the first to get further than the third round of the global tournament, and it looked like the world champion title since 2009 and to be delivered, but they lost in the final on penalties in golden score by the Japanese Shori Hamada.

“I hope I have The same acuity as at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS last year, because that tournament was just so good,” says Steenhuis back in. “When I was a little bit of that attitude can be found, then I think you will be fine.”

The european CHAMPIONSHIPS for judo, just like in the year 2015 as part of the European Games, which will from Friday, 21 to Sunday, June 30, will be held in the republic of belarus. The judotoernooi starts on Saturday and lasts till Tuesday.

Steenhuis is just as Marhinde Verkerk of Monday’s action in the category up to 78 kilograms. The preliminary rounds will begin at 9: 30 a.m., and the finaleblok to 16.00 hours) from the start.

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