At the UN, Trump slams Maduro as a “Cuban puppet” while the Venezuelan representative reads casually book

nearvideo President trump: The future belongs not to the globalists

Trump the General Assembly of the United Nations says the future, patriots, sovereign, and independent Nations.

President Trump Venezuela’s controversial leader, Nicolas Maduro, proposed on Tuesday in his speech at the General Assembly of the United Nations, calling Maduro a “Cuban puppet”, which is “hidden, is suffering from its own people” as the Venezuelans under massive shortages of basic supplies and gross human rights violations.

But Trump is a mockery of Venezuela’s leadership, apparently regime fell on deaf ears in the case of the representatives of the Maduro-present. A member of the troubled Latin American nation delegation was discovered reading a book, allegedly on the Latin American independence leader Simón Bolívar, while the U.S. President spoke.

In his speech in New York, Trump sharp, the socialist policies of Maduro and his close relations with the leaders in Cuba criticizes connected together with the practice of incarceration of political prisoners and the reports of extrajudicial executions by death squads with leaders in Caracas.


“According to a recent report by the United Nations Human Rights Council, women in Venezuela every day to stand in line for 10 hours waiting for food, about 15,000 people were detained as political prisoners, modern death squads, the implementation commitments are the thousands of extra-judicial executions,” Trump said.

He added: “The dictator Maduro is a Cuban puppet, protected by Cuban bodyguards, hiding from his own people, while the Cuban Venezuelan oil wealth to plunder to maintain their own corrupt Communist regime.”

Home to the world’s largest oil reserves of Venezuela, was for decades an economic leader in the Western hemisphere and, in spite of a massive gap between the poor and the rich was an important goal for neighboring Colombians and other Latin Americans fleeing their less wealthy and more troubled home.


But in the year 1999, with the coming to power of the late leader Hugo Chávez, whose social and economic reforms, first of all, flattered him, to the poor, but also set up to crawl a non – sustainable system of state spending Venezuela’s economy began in the direction of a crisis.

The situation has been the result of Maduro, Chávez’s successor, who took power in the year 2013, and by a jump in global oil prices in 2015.aggravated

Venezuela has been gripped by widespread malnutrition, disease and violence, and critics say Maduro to win unfair elections in the past year for a second term of six years by the prohibition of its popular rivals from running and jailing others.


Trump’s speech before the UN General Assembly comes a day to study after the United States and more than a dozen countries in Latin America agreed, and to arrest employees and managers of the Maduro government who are suspected of crimes such as drug trafficking, money laundering and the financing of terrorism.

During the agreement approval stopped short of military action, Colombian foreign Minister Carlos Holmes said the 16 countries in the vote for the binding resolution agreed to form working groups to share financial intelligence with the aim of, persons and entities connected with the Maduro government.

Only Uruguay against the text, while Trinidad and Tobago and Cuba abstained, was not present.


The measures against Venezuela are allowed under the time of the Cold war, in the Treaty of Rio, that the US called supported opposition recently, for the first time since Sept. 11, 2001, to increase terrorist attacks in the offer, international pressure, and force Maduro from power.

Many of the countries that signed the Rio Treaty (1947 already leader of the opposition, Juan Guaidó such as Venezuela, the rightful leaders realize. He said as interim President in January, citing what many saw as Maduro, the fraudulent re-election last year.

Maduro, however, is of the opinion Guaidó a puppet of Trump-management and still have power over Venezuela with the support of the military and the Nations such as Cuba, China and Russia.


Venezuela and Cuba are closely, both politically and economically, the former on the Cuban medical and military support, while Havana receives aid from Caracas in the form of much-needed oil supplies.

Trump’s assertion that the Cuban government is plundering Venezuela’s oil wealth was counteracted by the leaders in Havana, which say that the country has difficulties with a lack of energy on the island, which is part of a trombone administration offensive will fail, to force concessions.


Cuban foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez, the debt of the trump administration last week, in case of energy shortage and long gas lines in Cuba, and said that Washington’s pressure on Cuba energy suppliers all over the world not to send petroleum products to the island.


During his annual press conference on the impact of the US trade embargo against Cuba, Rodriguez said the trump administration to lead a campaign to pressure Cuba to fuel suppliers and carriers in South America, Europe, and North Africa.

“These measures include direct threats, persecution of transportation companies, the pressure on governments, in which the tankers are flagged or registered and in actions against health insurance companies, he said. “This is to discourage an escalation of the search, and intimidate, and create additional difficulties for the Cuban people.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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