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Hurt: Democrats running anti ‘-human-candidate in Pa. Race

Pennsylvania congressional candidate and liberal millionaire Scott Wallace, a non-profit charity organization donated the millions of people groups that advocate state control of the population.

A liberal millionaire, now running for Congress in Pennsylvania — and rails against the influence of money in politics — a story has, the large donations to former President Barack Obama’s campaign and other efforts.

Scott Wallace, the grandson of a former Vice-President Franklin Roosevelt-who is running as a Democrat in Pennsylvania’s 1st Congressional District against Republican incumbent Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick-they gave more than $ 100,000 to Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign and the Presidential Inaugural Committee and also asked top administration official John Podesta to appoint him as U.S. Ambassador to South Africa.

Wallace has corrupted the criticism of money in politics a campaign issue, namely money, “” politics and slamming President trump for access to wealthy donors.

Scott Wallace and his wife, Christy donated $30,800 and $28,500, respectively, to the Obama Victory Fund. The now-candidate of the Democrats, also fork is $50,000 to Obama’s Presidential Inaugural Committee.

(Scott Wallace Campaign)

In July 2008, both Wallace and his wife Christy of $30,800 and $28,500 donated to show the Obama Victory Fund, the former President of the political action commmittee, Federal Election Commission records.

Also in 2008, Wallace Obama ‘ s Presidential Inaugural Committee, the $50,000 – the maximum permissible contribution, the Wallace with tickets of Obama in January 2009 swearing-in ceremony, parade and first balls.

He donated to various Obama-Fund, Wallace began to his efforts, the U.S. Ambassador in South Africa, his so-called “second country,” where he for some years lived during the monitoring of the Wallace Global Fund projects in the country, directly by pressing a top Obama officially consider him for the role.


“It is my second country and I would be deeply honored, as the representative of President Obama as Ambassador there.”

– Scott Wallace

“I know you have a million things on your plate, but as I mentioned to you, Elizabeth and Smith Bagley were encouraged to reach out to me, you wrote sooner rather than later about a possible appointment in an Obama administration,” Wallace Podesta on Nov 3, 2008, according to an E-Mail from WikiLeaks was released.

“I am thrilled to get the aid to South Africa, the full promise, and you see the forthcoming elections and the next few years as crucial for the health of democracy. It is my second country and I would be deeply honored, as the representative of President Obama as Ambassador there,” continued he with his diplomatic services.

“I can’t imagine that my service to the Republicans in the Senate, as well as the subsequent decades of working with the Democratic Judiciary Committee of management, should help a little, with the Senate confirmation,” he added.

“I took the liberty of recording in the list, the documentation as a reference in the application to but then wondered if maybe this need to name, outside of the formal transition.”

– Scott Wallace

The liberal millionaire returned to the Problem send a few weeks later, another E-Mail to Podesta, who headed Obama’s transition team, says that he Podesta work listed as a reference in an application, in the administration.

“John, I wanted to ask you, this had to be at the democracy Alliance conference, but ducking out just before the end of the session … I took the liberty of recording in the list, the documentation as a reference in the application to but then wondered if maybe this need to name, outside of the formal transition,” he wrote.

“John, let me also to offer my assistance to the staff team in a number of areas. From my 13 years as a grant maker, and over 20 years in the field of criminal justice policy and research, my work is to identify in the rule, and invest in the highest quality leaders of the most effective organizations,” Wallace wrote in an E-Mail.

“Money corrupts politics, and it corrupts absolutely.”

– Scott Wallace


The story seems to contradict Wallace’s recent statements about his views on the influence of money in politics.

“Money corrupts politics, and it corrupts absolutely,” Wallace said earlier this year on the Bucks County (Pa.) The Democratic Forum.

He also criticized the President’s trump card, the access to wealthy donors.

“But if his friends in Congress, like Paul Ryan and Brian Fitzpatrick, finally OK’d his massive tax cuts for corporations and billionaires, what was trump? Applied by jets, to of his Florida country club, and bragged to a room full of people who get paid $200,000 to the door, that they are all ‘just got a lot richer.’ Oooh, that’s rich,” Wallace said in a March press release.

In 2011, Wallace decried contributions by “wealthy elites” and suggested that the US political system was ruined by such donors.

“The victim is not expected to improve their own life style. This is not to say that the American policy today is not flooded with big money. Our parties and politicians are massively dependent on contributions from the corporate and wealthy elites,” he wrote in an op-ed for the South-Africa – Cape Times.

The Wallace campaign, not Fox News’ request to respond for a comment.

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