At least two deaths in the chaotic presidential elections in the Congo

In the presidential election in the Democratic Republic of the Congo Sunday, at least two deaths. A policeman and a voter came to during a quarrel over alleged fraud during the vote in Walungu in Eastern Congo.

The population of the African country could Sunday for the first time since independence from Belgium in 1960, to elect a president. The current president Joseph Kabila is after a tenure of seventeen years not eligible for re-election.

According to reports from the camp of the opposition in the east of Congo four deaths by verkiezingsgeweld.

About 40 million voters are called to from 21 candidates for the new president to choose. The former minister of Home Affairs Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary makes a great chance of spilling over on to follow. The EU sanctions imposed in the crackdown of protests by the opposition.

In the run-up to the elections, several dead and injured, cases by violence between supporters of different presidential candidates. The elections were in fact already in november 2016, should take place, but were several times postponed. The opposition says that Kabila’s election all two years of delays to be longer to stay in power.

Results are about a week after the vote, expected.


Storm hinders first ‘peaceful’ elections in the Congo

Elections chaotic

Election day is throughout the country chaotic. A storm in the area around the capital city Kinshasa led to different places to power outages. Also hampering the people on the way to the polling stations. In the east of the country, mention was made of delayed openings of stemlocaties and long queues.

From different regions were messages about defects and malfunctions of kiescomputers. In a neighbourhood In Kinshasa, people could not vote, because the stemregister was not present.

The people could till 17.00 hrs to vote, but because of delays, people may around this time, still stood in line still to vote.

Elections in the Congo

The ballot boxes are Sunday morning open for historic presidential elections in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

et must be the first time that the power in the country on a (relatively) peaceful way is transferred.

More than 46 million Congolese voters have registered for the elections. There can be up to 17.00 hours for voting.

In three districts in the eastern provinces may, the people did not vote, according to the government, is that the spread of the ebola outbreak in the country and because of the risks of violence by armed groups.

Presidential candidate Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary of the ruling party of the current Congolese president Joseph Kabila to bring his voice out in Kinshasa.

Presidential candidate Martin Fayulu agree in Kinshasa.

In the run-up to the elections, several dead and injured, cases by violence between supporters of different candidates.

Riots in regions where elections are postponed

In three districts in eastern provinces should Sunday not be voted. According to the government gold there is a ban to stop the spread of the dengue fever virus and to prevent because of the risks of violence by armed groups.

Before the elections, broke in these regions the riots. The vote is postponed until march. Because the election results in January, it is expected and the new president is expected in a month, take the oath, will the voices of these residents out of the equation.

In the excluded regions, is home to many supporters of the democratic opposition candidates.

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